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  • sense* recipe — for joint & bone avocado hummus

    Makes sense* A tasty avocado hummus even more jam-packed with nutrients than normal hummus! Using sense* for joint & bone superfood and supplement powder. How to: Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor until smooth. You may need to scrape down the sides…

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  • sense* recipe — for busy lives strawberry banana sorbet

    Makes sense* Strawberries and bananas are an amazing flavour combination. This pretty pink sorbet tastes great without a single spoon of added sugar! Using sense* for busy lives superfood & supplement powder. How to: Cut the bananas into 1cm slices and place in the freezer…

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  • The Founder’s Gut Health Story

    I have read a lot about the gut and how the digestive system works but there is one question that I ask everyone I meet: ‘Do you know how important our digestive system (Gut Health), actually is?’ To understand the answer, we need to start…

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  • Ingredients – Not All Calcium Is Equal!

    Calcium citrate – the better format Out of all dietary supplements, Calcium is one of the oldest. It is a vital nutrient and is used by the body for many functions.  But you must have the correct format otherwise your body will not absorb it. …

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  • Is This Microbe Killing Your Good Gut Bacteria?

    Over the last few decades, a growing body of evidence has shown how important our gut microflora and gut bacteria are for our overall health. ‘Gut microflora’ refers to the millions of different bacteria that call your gut home. In fact, there are so many…

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  • Are We Controlled By Bad Gut Bacteria?

    .Do you experience food cravings, often for foods that are less than healthy? If so, you’re not alone. Research has shown that 68% of men and an incredible 97% of women experience food cravings. So what causes food cravings? Well, it’s a complex mixture of…

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  • How To Eat Yourself Happy with Fibre

    Have you ever experienced the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Studies indicate that your brain and belly are closely connected and that the health of one affects the other. Doctors and health experts alike have said that the gut is like the body’s second…

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  • 7 Ways To Get You Moving

    Do you love breathing in fresh air? So do we. That’s why we’re sharing seven ways to help you spend more time outdoors. Many of us love being outside, but it can be hard to find the time. We’ve got so much to do at our…

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  • 6 Ways To De-Stress Your Day From AM To PM

    How did you sleep last night? How did you feel as your alarm went off? From the moment we wake up, to the moment we drift off to sleep we receive and react to information from the world around us. So many of us feel…

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  • for busy lives smoothie

    sense* recipe — for busy lives smoothie

    Makes sense* A beautiful deep purple, flavour packed smoothie to start your day. Using sense* for busy lives superfood & supplement powder.

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  • for joint & bone power bites

    for joint & bone energy bites recipe

    Makes sense* Healthy snacking never tasted so good. These tasty bites will satisfy your cravings, any time of day or night. Using sense* for joint & bone superfood and supplement powder.

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  • for gut health tummy loving chia pot

    for gut health chia pot recipe

    Makes sense* Give your gut some TLC with this bowl of deliciousness. Using sense* for gut health superfood and supplement powder.

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