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  • superfood-smoothie-recipe

    Smoothies vs Juices: how to decide

    sense* founder on smoothies vs juices – which one? How many of you know the difference between juices and smoothies? Smoothies vs Juices: how to decide? How you go about making them?  What’s in them?  Why are they good for you?  Or are they?  How…

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  • How to fight Osteoporosis

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on How to Fight Osteoporosis.  Something that we all have to think about as we get older.  Causing loss of bone density resulting in serious injury.  Osteoporosis and Me Most people…

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  • Turmeric golden paste and Cacao sludge recipes

    What’s Turmeric golden paste? This weekend’s Turmeric golden paste recipe is aimed at bringing you warmth and comfort. Especially after a cold excursion outside. Use in hot drinks and savoury food Today we are going to introduce you to something that everyone should have in…

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  • Moving in your 80s – Happy birthday!

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on Moving in your 80s. Crucial to prevent muscle wastage, losing bone density and, more importantly, keeping independence.  Moving in your 80s is crucial Of course “moving in your 80s “is…

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  • Mum’s Phat Bombs (another healthy treats recipe)

    Replacing sugar with healthy treats This is one of my Mum’s very favourite healthy treats or snack foods recipe.  All of her healthy  treats recipe are designed to reduce sugar and carbohydrate.  Anyone on a ketone diet with know why! Not only do they fill…

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  • Coconut Chocolate slices recipe

    Coconut and Chocolate is a great combo From the time as a small child Bounty bars have never been out of my cupboard.  Until I realised just how much sugar they contained so we came up with a Coconut chocolate slices recipe. Sugar is the…

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  • Ingredient of the week – Anti-inflammatory MSM for aches & pains and much more

    Benefits of MSM bridge the age gap MSM is commonly used unsurprisingly, as the shortened form of Methylsulfonylmethane.  MSM has numerous benefits for both the elderly due to being anti-inflammatory. And for sportsmen and women since it protects muscles and speeds recovery after exercise. The…

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  • Ingredient of the week – Baobab superfood

    Our Founder’s Favourite Superfood Our Founder, Jonathan was insistent that baobab superfood would feature strongly in our products from the outset.  Why? This superfood has saved my life many times.  Whenever I feel like I am coming down with something, a cold or sore throat.…

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  • Product of the Month – sense* for joint & bone

    Capsules vs Powders for joint & bone Just to be clear, our Product of the Month is the 30 capsules version of sense* for joint & bone.  But we are going to extol the benefits in this article of the superfood supplement powder too.  You then…

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  • Ingredient of the Week – Zinc Supplement for COVID-19

    Is Zinc Supplement a Metal? If you cast your mind back to school you will remember that zinc is is a chemical element with the symbol Zn and atomic number 30. Zinc is a slightly brittle metal at room temperature and has a blue-silvery appearance when oxidation…

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  • Ingredient of the Week – Sunshine Vitamin D (or COVID-19 saviour)

    Sunshine Vitamin D and COVID-19 In the northern hemisphere, we are all at greater risk of having a deficiency of vitamin D.  Why?  Because we don’t get enough sunshine directly onto our skin which results in the generation of vitamin D.  This explains why deficiency…

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  • Routine is key for a healthy lifestyle

    Where to start for a healthy lifestyle Building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. When you begin your health journey, one of the most important things to remember is that consistency is…

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