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founder articles

  • Lock-down or Focused Protection – or the Third Way?

    What’s the Third Way? Let’s look at the options Option 1: Restrict behaviour, restrict movement This is the option that the Government is currently implementing. Why?  Because it worked last time during the first wave, surely it will work again.  Has Boris considered all the…

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  • My own personal immunity supplements regime

    Immunity supplements regime We received a request from a customer whose daughter had just caught the COVID-19 virus.  She was asking which immunity supplements we would recommend for her to take. Firstly, the request itself is humbling so thank you Kate for showing trust in…

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  • Our Founder’s Morning Routine

    Get Grounded and Control Your Morning Routine There is a lot written about daily or morning routine. That is probably because it is very important to the type of day we have.  Are we grounded in the present or stressed about the future?  Do we let…

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  • superfood-smoothie-recipe

    sense* recipe – My favourite VERY green smoothie recipe

    I thought that I would share with you my favourite green smoothie recipe using sense* for gut health. (The recipe will also work with any of the sense* superfood supplement powders, for that matter!) The hint of black pepper in the smoothie helps to increase the bio-availability of…

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  • The Founder’s Gut Health Story

    I have read a lot about the gut and how the digestive system works but there is one question that I ask everyone I meet: ‘Do you know how important our digestive system (Gut Health), actually is?’ To understand the answer, we need to start…

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  • Why should YOU be taking food supplements?

    Here’s our run-down of the five killer reasons why you should be taking a food supplement.

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  • The nutrition gap—what we don’t know!

    In his latest blog post, Jonathan looks at what we don’t know about food, and at how important food is in our lives.

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  • What’s more organic than organic farming?

    A method of farming, better than organic that looks after the soil and creates the best quality food.

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  • Jonathan Ebsworth

    “Making sense” — the founder’s story

    When I am asked “when did you turn the corner?” “What made you change your ways?” I look back…and this post tells you what I saw.

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  • What to eat this summer?

    Founder Jonathan shares his experiences, his three big ideas, and his one easy step to guarantee weight-loss

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  • Dimitra’s top professional tips for healthy eating

    Kick-start your healthy lifestyle with these sure-fire tips from our professional nutritionist.

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