Out of all dietary supplements, calcium supplements are among those that have been around for the longest time. This is because calcium is a vital nutrient that is used by the body for a lot more than just bones and teeth.

Calcium is used by every cell in the human body for a countless number of cellular processes. For example, the nervous system would not work without calcium due to a common ion channel, through which calcium flows in order to allow nerve fibres to fire impulses. Without calcium, there’d be nothing to flow through those calcium channels and nerve fibres would not be able to fire impulses properly.

Some of calcium’s other known health effects include:

  • calcium is needed for the proper function of digestive enzymes
  • calcium is needed for normal blood clotting
  • calcium helps the body to properly release energy from food
  • calcium is needed for normal muscle function
  • calcium has a role in the process of cell division and specialisation
  • calcium is needed for bone health
  • calcium is needed for healthy teeth

When shopping for supplements, all brands promise that their products contain the highest quality ingredients with the best bioavailability. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. (In case you didn’t know, bioavailability means how well your body can absorb a nutrient from your diet.)

At sense*, we actually believe in high quality ingredients. The calcium used in our sense* for joint & bone and sense* for gut health ranges is calcium citrate. This is important because calcium citrate dissolves easily in water, which the body is full of. This means that in the body, the calcium quickly separates from the citrate and can be absorbed. This means that the calcium from calcium citrate has a high bioavailability.

Many other brands promise to use the best calcium, but actually use forms like calcium carbonate. This form of calcium isn’t terrible, but it is far from the ‘best’ calcium. This is because calcium carbonate is less bioavailable than calcium citrate, meaning that you need to take more of it for your body to absorb the same amount of calcium.

These are the sorts of details that we pay attention to here at sense*. That’s why we call it smart nutrition. Visit our shop and join us in our crusade for better supplements!