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  • Getting zinc’d on the public agenda

    Why getting zinc’d made was critical Life was much more straightforward back in March before the coronavirus pandemic had hit .  Getting zinc’d made was nowhere. None of us would have thought that we would have lived through a lock-down by now.  Where the Government…

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  • Profit for keyworker charities: definition

    PROFIT = GROSS PROFIT – DIRECT OVERHEAD Gross Profit arises from the net sale price (after VAT is deducted) of the sense* product  known as zinc’d less the costs of production, storage and delivery. This amount will vary based on the particular zinc’d product sold but…

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  • Keyworker: a definition

    “Keyworker” means a person whose work is or was critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) response including but not limited to those who work in health and social care or in other key sectors outlined below:  Health and social care  This includes, but is not limited…

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  • Immune System – Part 2 – Food and Immunity

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on food and immunity, part 2 of her review of the immune system.  The impact of food on my body and immune system has fascinated me since I was a teenager.  I…

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  • Product of the Month – sense* for busy lives

    Capsules vs Powders for busy lives Just to be clear, our Product of the Month is the 30 capsules version of sense* for busy lives.  But we are going to extol the benefits in this article of the superfood supplement powder too. You then have all…

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  • Ginseng – Peruvian or Siberian or both?

    Different Species of Ginseng Ginseng has been a traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.  It is a slow-growing plant with fleshy roots and low leaves.  But there is Peruvian ginseng or Siberian ginseng.   Ginseng can be classified as 3 different types, fresh, white or red, depending on…

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  • covid, cancer & me – the science behind the food

    By Neil Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and brother of sense* Founder, Jonathan.   Neil, who is a cancer survivor, shares his story, some of the recipes that helped him avoid chemotherapy and radiation plus the science behind the food.  The views expressed in this article…

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  • chickpea & red lentil lasagna with chickpea pasta

    chickpea and red lentil lasagna made with chickpea & psyllium pasta

    By Neil Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and brother of sense* Founder, Jonathan.  Recipe 2 – A recipe from a cancer survivors immunity playlist – Read his story Click Here Different Recipes, Same Bad Ingredients The western diet may have spiralled out of control in…

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  • healthy chocolate brownie cake flourless pistachios walnuts and pecans

    the chocolate brownie cake recipe to tame that sweet tooth

    By Neil Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and brother of sense* Founder, Jonathan. A recipe from a cancer survivors immunity playbook – Read his story Click Here Added Sugar Addiction One of the hardest things we have to cope with when changing our diet is…

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  • Healthy smoothie recipe and ingredients by Joan

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan describes her healthy smoothie recipe. I make this healthy smoothie recipe or a variation of it every morning as part of my routine using lots of different ingredients.  Read more about my…

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  • Ingredient of the week – Anti-inflammatory MSM for aches & pains and much more

    Benefits of MSM bridge the age gap MSM is commonly used unsurprisingly, as the shortened form of Methylsulfonylmethane.  MSM has numerous benefits for both the elderly due to being anti-inflammatory. And for sportsmen and women since it protects muscles and speeds recovery after exercise. The…

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  • Ingredient of the week – Baobab superfood

    Our Founder’s Favourite Superfood Our Founder, Jonathan was insistent that baobab superfood would feature strongly in our products from the outset.  Why? This superfood has saved my life many times.  Whenever I feel like I am coming down with something, a cold or sore throat.…

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