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  • superfood-smoothie-recipe

    Smoothies vs Juices: how to decide

    sense* founder on smoothies vs juices – which one? How many of you know the difference between juices and smoothies? Smoothies vs Juices: how to decide? How you go about making them?  What’s in them?  Why are they good for you?  Or are they?  How…

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  • How to fight Osteoporosis

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on How to Fight Osteoporosis.  Something that we all have to think about as we get older.  Causing loss of bone density resulting in serious injury.  Osteoporosis and Me Most people…

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  • Turmeric golden paste and Cacao sludge recipes

    What’s Turmeric golden paste? This weekend’s Turmeric golden paste recipe is aimed at bringing you warmth and comfort. Especially after a cold excursion outside. Use in hot drinks and savoury food Today we are going to introduce you to something that everyone should have in…

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  • Elimination diet for gut health

    Sense* founder, Jonathan Ebsworth explains how to approach an elimination diet to identify foods that cause harm to your gut health.  We accept that bloating, gas and discomfort are all part of life.  But you don’t need to put up with them any longer. Fixing…

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  • Gut-Brain Axis: Got that gut feeling?

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and  mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on the Gut-Brain Axis,  the connection between them, the 2nd brain and how to improve mental health, mood and well-being. The Gut–Brain connection It is alleged that it was Hippocrates who…

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  • Spring vegetable stew with artichokes

    Simple, easy to make & delicious Spring vegetable stew recipe This spring vegetable stew with artichokes is great because it only takes 10 minutes to put together and, if you are in a rush, 15 minutes to cook. It is my go to meal when…

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  • How to improve brain health

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on How to Improve Brain Health, mental health and learning. Improving Brain Health – What a topic! When I was asked to comment on it I was taken aback a bit,…

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  • Moving in your 80s – Happy birthday!

    By Joan Ebsworth, guest writer for sense*, biologist and mother of sense* Founder, Jonathan on Moving in your 80s. Crucial to prevent muscle wastage, losing bone density and, more importantly, keeping independence.  Moving in your 80s is crucial Of course “moving in your 80s “is…

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  • Looking after yourself at Christmas

    How to enjoy the festive season and not fall over There are so many stresses and strains on us in December that sometimes we can over do the “good times”.  This can often end badly by us falling over, not literally (although that can happen…

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  • PRESS RELEASE: Vaccine – What do we know?

    Has Anyone Asked How the Vaccine Test Group Was Screened? One of the first things you do when starting a vaccine research trial is to draft a questionnaire so the “guinea pigs/trialists” are effectively screened.  You want to be able to control the people in…

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  • Lock-down or Focused Protection – or the Third Way?

    What’s the Third Way? Let’s look at the options Option 1: Restrict behaviour, restrict movement This is the option that the Government is currently implementing. Why?  Because it worked last time during the first wave, surely it will work again.  Has Boris considered all the…

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  • The mission to thank Keyworkers

    All profit during the pandemic goes to a keyworker charity to say thank you The icing on the cake for us when creating our new immunity product, zinc’d was to be able to gift this project to a good cause and thank keyworkers.  Why?  Because…

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