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Making sense

At sense* we help you understand how the right nutrition can make a difference to your life. Nutrition not only enhances your performance everyday but also shapes your life story, playing a pivotal role in your ongoing health and well-being.


The nutrition ambition

The right diet and nutrition changed the direction of our founder’s life. It brought Jonathan (right) back to health. It helped his body recover from an auto-immune disease that nearly made him go blind. Without the right diet and supplements, his life would have turned out very differently.

I started sense* to share the knowledge and expertise built up following my auto-immune illness.  I discovered that health is all about nutrition and lifestyle choices.

So at sense*, we have created high quality food & superfood  supplements, smart nutrition that supports your lifestyle.  Helping you and your body be at their natural best.  Ready to live life to the full like I do.

Jonathan Ebsworth, sense* founder

Smart nutrition for modern living

We source and select scientifically-proven, natural ingredients from around the world. And create formulas with those ingredients that work together to maximise the nutrients.

Our supplements focus on the absorption of active ingredients, using targeted multivitamins bio-engineered to synergise with plant-based botanicals.

This means that your body takes on board and uses more of the nutrients. Making our supplements more effective just where you need them.


No compromise on quality

We use a range of organic and natural vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals and antioxidants to create our supplements.  Total nutrition across all the micro-nutrient groups.

Our focus is on quality and we source only the best and finest ingredients aimed at your targeted needs.

Our products are carefully manufactured to the highest UK GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards and are GMO free.

They are inclusive, suitable for vegan (with the odd exception), kosher and halal diets. They contain no milk, no lactose, no soya, no wheat, no gluten, no fish and no porcine.

All our products are free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and preservatives.