Has Anyone Asked How the Vaccine Test Group Was Screened?

One of the first things you do when starting a vaccine research trial is to draft a questionnaire so the “guinea pigs/trialists” are effectively screened.  You want to be able to control the people in the test group so you can fully understand what the results will look like. You don’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry into the group otherwise you never now what might adversely affect the findings.

Usually at the initial stage, this would mean the test group being representative of the population at large.  The group is mid-aged adults, and for some reason, often mainly men. But it may also mean screening out anyone with underlying health issues. So most of the COVID “at risk” groups may well have been absent when the current vaccines were tested.  Sub-groups like this are usually tested a bit further down the road.  So what happened in the tests of the current vaccine?

Notwithstanding this fundamental step in the process, it is not mentioned once on the BionTech, web-site (the German vaccine development company) see https://biontech.de/covid-19 .

Oxford University also does a good job of missing out this vital piece of information from its web-page that explains the steps in how a vaccine comes about see: https://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/vaccine-development.

How can we answer the question?

Simple answer, we can’t because none of the data on the clinical studies has ever been published.  So has it been peer reviewed?   It doesn’t look like it.   This means that there is no publicly available data that any epidemiologists or virologists or immunologists can comment on.  We asked one to do so this morning and this was the answer.  There is no data.

Perhaps, all the “at risk” groups have been tested in the random controlled trials (RCT)?  But if so it is a bit odd that neither Biontech or Oxford make this clear.  Talking to our friendly epidemiologist this morning suggests that “at risk” groups probably haven’t been tested yet.  In normal vaccine RCTs, you usually test the general population at this stage.

If this is the case, why would you first give a vaccine that has only been tested on people with good immune systems to people who have compromised immune systems?  We just don’t know how such people will react until full clinical tests have been done on such groups.  Moreover, why haven’t such people been told that the vaccine hasn’t been tested on any “at risk” groups?  They can then be given the chance to continue to socially distance and not led to believe the vaccine is a panacea.

The scientists will claim that it is a political decision to target the vaccine on the most vulnerable first but unlike Neil Ferguson shouting from the roof tops in March, no-one seems to have pointed out this particular flaw in the current strategy.

But if this is the case, it is a huge disconnect between the scientists and the politicians.

Immune System is still the key

Whichever way you turn, a healthy immune system is the key to success and this has been negligently overlooked by the Government and PHE.  Even the success of the vaccine is dependent on our immune systems working properly.

Nutrient levels are a big part of having a healthy immune system.  Logically, if the majority of the UK’s population has a poor diet in terms of nutrients, the same majority will also have a compromised immune system. If this was theoretical, no-one would bat an eye-lid but it is now central to getting the UK back to normal and to its economic recovery.

A further disturbing part of this narrative, is that those with the most compromised immune health and therefore being hospitalised and dying in larger numbers are those in the UK’s poorest, most uneducated communities. Many of these are also keyworkers, many are BAME.

We believe that an obvious step to take, is to seek to improve the immune system of every single person in the country who might be affected by COVID since the vaccine isn’t going to have an effect for most people any time soon.

National Disgrace or Incompetence?

It is a National disgrace that the one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, allows the following:

  • A food structure to perpetuate that results in large scale obesity and diabetes for the benefit of large corporates.
  • Provides no preparation, advice or guidance on how those at risk can improve their immune health when a pandemic arrives.
  • Puts the weakest (immune health wise) and uneducated members of its society at the greatest risk of catching and dying from the new coronavirus.
  • Destroys businesses and livelihoods through restrictions without exploring obvious solutions staring them in the face.
  • Misrepresents that the vaccine has been tested on vulnerable people by offering it to them first

Why has Spain led the way on vitamin D not the UK? Why has China locked into vitamin C  and not the UK?  Why does Germany sell so much zinc and not the UK? Why wasn’t a full scale clinical RCT started in March or April to test the viability of relatively inexpensive and easily available immune health nutrients to avoid a second lock-down? Who is benefitting or controlling from the “vaccine only” approach?

Quotations from 3 Doctors

“As a GP I believe prevention is better than cure.   Nutritional deficiencies are easily resolved with appropriate supplementation and result in stronger immune function, providing protection from infections.
General Practitioner

“[Supplementation]’s a simple cost effective way to save lives and reduce the burden on the NHS.”
A&E Consultant

“The evidence for vitamin D is overwhelming. This(vitamin D) steroid hormone is responsible for regulating many aspects of immune function. Approximately 30% of the population will be deficient in vitamin D by January. This figure is even higher in BAME population. The evidence for zinc and vitamins C is also substantial.”
NHS Consultant surgeon

The Sense* mission…makes sense

Is to improve the Nation’s immune system by offering an immune product and then donating all of the profits during the pandemic to keyworkers and their families.

The Immune Health Mission

The Keyworker Charity Pledge

Enter Zinc’d containing the top 3 immune health supplements

We have created an easily remembered product name to improve the Nation’s immune health called Zinc’d – containing zinc, C & D, “all in the name”. This can be messaged easily to the public…”get zinc’d”; “get your family zinc’d” etc.

We are proposing that the Government advises the whole of the population to take the top 3 supplements that are known to support immune health: vitamins C and D plus Zinc. These 3 nutrients have the strongest evidence in terms of clinical trials and studies for immune support. (see Study link 10 and global research in Appendix). 

We have also launched a Petition for healthcare, public health and nutrition professionals and scientists to back a letter to Matt Hancock see Petition.

By Improving Public Health with nutrition the following benefits are likely to accrue:

  • The vaccine will be more effective
  • less people will catch COVID-19 or show symptoms if they do
  • less people will need hospital treatment
  • less people will need ICU treatment

The Great Barrington Declaration (the Focused Protection approach called for by 45,000 including leading epidemiologists and public health scientists) should  be implemented with the majority of the population returning to normal until the vaccine has been properly tested.

About Sense* Health  https://senseproducts.co.uk/

We have a nutrition ambition. After all “food is thy medicine” (Hippocrates).

The right diet and nutrition changed the direction of our founder’s life. It brought Jonathan back to health from an auto-immune disease that nearly made him go blind.

Our supplements focus on the absorption of active ingredients, using targeted multi-vitamins bio-engineered to synergise with plant-based botanicals. This means that your body takes on board and uses more of the nutrients.

We use a range of organic and natural vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals and antioxidants to create our supplements. Total nutrition across all the micro-nutrient groups.

Our focus is on quality and we source the best and finest ingredients aimed at your targeted needs. Our products are carefully manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards and are GMO free.

They are inclusive, with most products suitable for vegans, kosher and halal diets. They contain no milk, no lactose, no soya, no wheat, no gluten, no fish and no porcine. All our products are free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and preservatives.


Jonathan Ebsworth, Founder & Ceo 07710 900494   Email: [email protected]

Dr Sheila Richards, General Practitioner 07700 777321

https://senseproducts.co.uk/    https://senseproducts.co.uk/get-zincd/  


Research around the world

  1. In China they recognised very quickly (February 2020) both the benefit of giving vitamin C to their health workers and high dose intravenous vitamin C to acute COVID patients – in a controlled double blind pilot RCT the latter reduced COVID deaths by two-thirds (still to be peer reviewed) (Wuhan University Hospital March 2020 – see study no 12 below). It is thought most of Asia followed suit in using high dose vitamin C and 2 further trials are thought to be underway.
  2. In Spain – in two separate controlled RCTs, they have identified widespread vitamin D deficiency in COVID patients (Santander published October 2020 – see study no 14) and separately when providing high dose vitamin D to acute COVID patients, the rate of admission to ICU reduced by 25 times  and deaths were zero compared to 8% in the non-supplement group (Cordoba published August 2020 – see study no 13 below). A full 15 hospital trial is underway funded by the Government.
  3. In the USA – many doctors have been advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine with zinc, not because hydroxychloroquine is active in combating COVID but because it facilitates the entry of zinc into every cell. Some hospitals have also been using high dose vitamin C to treat acute COVID patients and RCTswith vitamin C are ongoing.
  4. In the UK – some ICU wards experiencing high levels of COVID deaths with large BAME communities have been using vitamin D, particularly in high risk cases.  Anecdotally, some NHS hospitals have been providing zinc, vitamin C and D to their frontline staff. But not their patients.
  5. In Scandinavia, Government subsidisation of fortified foods with Vitamin D is believed to have resulted in a lower rate of cases and morbidity in respect of COVID.


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