All profit during the pandemic goes to a keyworker charity to say thank you

The icing on the cake for us when creating our new immunity product, zinc’d was to be able to gift this project to a good cause and thank keyworkers.  Why?  Because so many keyworkers have gotten a raw deal. Particularly the families of those that have died during the pandemic as a result of COVID-19.

To aid this mission, we want everyone to feel good about buying zinc‘d. So ALL profits from zinc‘d sales during the pandemic will be donated to one or more keyworker charities.

Hopefully, we will have a hand in not only supporting the Nation’s collective immune system but also providing some well deserved support to individual keyworkers and their families.

Let’s face it, how often do you get the chance to give something back to others but help you and your family at the same time?  Perhaps when you do the shopping for an elderly neighbour as well as doing your own.  Zinc‘d  is a bit like that.

Who is going to benefit?

We are offering zinc’d at the lowest competitive price we can so that everyone can afford it. Why? Because we are on a mission to improve the immune health of the Nation.  Read about that here.

Our mission is not about making money. It is about seeking to support the immune health of as many people as possible. Improving outcomes where possible for those most at risk.

And at the same time raising money for keyworkers or their families who have suffered loss because either:

  • a keyworker has died as a result of COVID-19
  • a keyworker continues to be ill as a result of COVID-19

Keyworkers died and families are suffering loss because their keyworker family member was out of the house making sure that we were all  looked after in hospitals or got transported to our destinations or delivered to us our online purchases or kept our various critical industries going e.g. food, energy, water, electricity etc.

We will have missed loads out here so apologies but, hopefully you are all covered in our definition of keyworker.  Anyone on this list will benefit.

Why individual keyworkers?

Because they seem to have got a raw deal.  Lots of clapping (for a while) and lots of donations to NHS charities.

But donations to NHS charities don’t reach individual keyworkers or their families, they go to the NHS institutions.  If we were being cynical these donations simply end up in Government coffers.

So there is a need to put this right, would you agree?

What is sense* doing to put this right?

We are doing the following to thank keyworkers:

  • creating awareness around the fact that using nutrition is part of the pandemic solution: zinc, vitamins C & D
  • seeking support from healthcare workers, nutritionists and scientists for the idea that the immune system of the Nation needs to be improved
  • providing an option for people to improve their immune system by buying zinc’d, a supplement containing the top 3 supplements with the greatest evidence of immune support.  For more information click here.
  • donating ALL the profits from the sale of zinc’d to one or more keyworker charities

What does this mean in reality?

Firstly, we are looking for a media partner who will help the campaign to raise money and thank keyworkers. This will not only raise awareness but also hard cash for keyworkers and their families who have suffered due to the pandemic.

Then ALL profits from the sale of zinc’d during the pandemic will be donated to one or more Keyworker charities. So by helping to improve the Nation’s immune health we will also help the people that have borne the brunt of the pandemic.

To be entirely transparent, All Profits means:


Gross Profit arises from the net sale price (after VAT is deducted) of the sense* product  known as zincd less the costs of production, storage and delivery. This amount will vary based on the particular zincd product sold but can be estimated as being between £Nil –  £14.00 (based on production costs at launch).

Direct Overheads are all overheads or expenses or costs associated with the sale of  the sense* product known as zincd such as but not limited to advertising or marketing or personnel and includes:

  • any amount agreed for sense* to develop the logo, brand identity and fundraising plan on behalf of any not for profit entity seeking grants from sense*
  • any amount added back by HMRC as a benefit which reduces corporation tax relief including but not limited to use of charity logos, identity or other deemed benefits