Whose taking Responsibility for the  Nation’s immune health?

On the face of it, as a Nation it seems we don’t collectively have a healthy, properly function immune system. If we did, we surely wouldn’t be back to the level of restrictions that we are seeing now.  Over 11 million people are now subject to the highest level of lock-down.  The Nation’s immune health is apparently in dire straits.

Why should we be looking to our own immune health?  Surely if we follow the Government guidelines, we will be doing our bit.  Our bit for the one’s close to us, as well as for the wider community. Social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks.  All of which is sensible behaviour.  Responsible behaviour.  But it isn’t working is it?

Perhaps some people are not being responsible, perhaps it doesn’t matter if they are or they’re not.  A large proportion of us live in urban areas. We are social animals. It is a contagious virus and it will spread anyway.

Surely, the Government will tell us what to do.  They will provide advice and guidance on how to improve our immune health.

What else can be done?

It is about taking responsibility for ourselves really, and our loved ones.  Because at the end of the day, there is no-one else who is going to look after you.

Let’s face it, if there is a risk that the NHS and the ambulance service won’t be able to look after you under some circumstances. Particularly when you really need it, we suggest you think about protecting yourself in advance as best you can.  Not the fault of the people that work in NHS by the way!  Read more about our views on how the pandemic has been handled.

It starts with our own health. By this, I don’t mean the kind of health provided by the national health service either.  The health service has very little to do with actual health in reality. It is more an “unwell” service which kicks in when your health has already failed whether because of diet, lifestyle, genes or age.   Again, not the fault of the people that work in it.

Importance of immune defence

What can be more important to our own health than the defence system that keeps all the germs and infections at bay.  Every day of our lives, we come across these viruses and bacteria.  In fact, non-human cells such as bacteria, according to some research, out numbers the human cells in our bodies.

So the normal state of affairs is that our human and non-human (germs, bacteria etc) live side by side together.  In fact, we need them to optimise our health.

You can read more about how our immune system deals and lives with viruses and bacteria here and other immune system articles here.

Taking responsibility for our health (no-one else will)

It seems such a basic thing to do but many of us don’t do it.  I didn’t for many years.  There are many reasons for this but primarily it is human nature to take the path of least resistance.

If food tastes good and is cheap we will buy it. When medical advice is free and available we will rely on it. It can be easier to sit at home with family without exercising, so we will do it.

Obviously, all not helped by successive Governments that have allowed a “sugar epidemic” to run rife for decades, killing more people as a result of obesity and diabetes than any virus will do.

Individually we won’t look behind the facade that has been built up by the food companies, the “health” service, the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately the Government of the day. A facade that creates more deaths from lack of health than any virus or pandemic.

Unfortunately, these people continue to be in charge of the bus and there is very little that can be done about it because we elected them. We live in a democracy, potentially one of the fairest in the World.  So our only option right now is to either:

  • vote for change, which seems too far away currently
  • do nothing and wait for the press and the judiciary to catch up (that could also take some time) Read more about how to challenge the status quo
  • take responsibility for our health by making sure neither you nor your loved ones neglect your immune health and improve the Nation’s immune health at the same time
  • and if you are like me, you will also lobby for change and add your voice to as many petitions or action groups.  Or even start one yourself….watch this space!

The Mission

The sense* mission has always been about helping you take responsibility for your own health, giving guidance and help.  This has become more acute in recent times due to the pandemic.

We worked out pretty quickly in March that deficiencies in certain nutrients was a major cause of bad outcomes with COVID-19. Also by taking these nutrients, how the Nation’s immune health would improve.

We waited and waited but no advice or guidance came from Government or PHE or the NHS despite calls from scientists to improve the Nation’s immune health.

So we created an immunity product called zinc’d that would improve the immune system of the Nation by containing the top 3 nutrients with the strongest clinical evidence of immune support. You can read more about it here.

And to make everyone feel good about zinc’d, we decided to give ALL the profits to a keyworker charity.  We weren’t interested in making money from this pandemic but simply to help the Nation’s immune health thereby assisting in fixing it. Getting everyone back to normal and protecting our way of life.  You can read more about the keyworker charity here.

How would this work for me?   What do I need to do?

Firstly who should pay attention to immune health

The following people should immediately be improving their own immune health and be encouraging friends and family to do likewise:

  • everyone who is over the age of 50
  • those who are mingling with the public on a daily basis i.e. keyworkers
  • anyone who has an underlying health condition or is over-weight
  • everyone over 30 years old who suspects that their diet or lifestyle isn’t as healthy as it can be i.e. 10-a-day portions of fruit and vegetable, no stress, good sleep and plenty of exercise, so pretty much everyone, I suspect.
  • if you are under 30, you should have your blood levels checked for levels of zinc, vitamins C & D so you know if you are vulnerable or not

Secondly what should they do

All these people should take preventative amounts of the top 3 immune system supplements.  We don’t care where you buy these from but the minimum amount you need to take is (making sure you take the higher amount if you are in the above groups):

zinc – 12.5-25mg per day

Vitamin C – 550mg –  1,100mg per day

Vitamin D – 10mcg-20mcg per day (400-800 IU)

Thirdly if I feel unwell

In the event you are feeling in the slightest bit unwell you will need to double your dose immediately.

And if I am really ill?

Fourthly, if you continue to get worse, you will need to continue to up your dose of vitamins C & D immediately but not zinc.

The clinical trials show that these nutrients are needed in very large amounts if you become really ill. Clinical trials using very high doses either orally or intravenously whilst you are in hospital have proved successful against COVID-19 even for patients in ICU.

Many clinical trials over many years have shown that zinc, vitamins C & D will improve the immune system and its performance.  Some are also very relevant to the symptoms arising from coronavirus infections.

Recent clinical trials using vitamins C & D

However, recently many countries have been testing them specifically on COVID-19 patients.  Spain has produced a study that shows morbidity rates for ICU patients suffering from COVID-19 are reduced by up to 50%.  China has focused on vitamin C and initial reports are that morbidity rates have been reduced by TWO-THIRDS.

But as interesting as this is the fact that China are handing out vitamin C to front-line staff.  As a result the number of cases in aggregate have reduced.

What zinc’d is to be used for

The doses in zinc’d are for support so that hopefully you will never be in the position of having to increases doses.  But there is no guarantee. zinc’d is not a medicine.  It is meant to improve your immune system so that it can fight off bugs and viruses.  It is not meant to prevent or treat illness or disease.

However, if you double the dose and don’t see a levelling off or reduction in symptoms you should increase the levels of vitamin C or vitamin D further.

Of course, follow the Government guidelines if you have a temperature, a persistent cough or lose the sense of smell or taste.

Suggestions if you do feel unwell

Clinical trials also show that when your body is under attack, increased doses may have a swift and significant positive impact on your immune system.

These should be readily available at your local chemist or online or have them ready in the cupboard in case of emergency.

We recommend keeping a jar of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in your cupboard of up to 100mg. If you need to go beyond the 2.2mg per day in the zinc’d capsule x4 then consider taking 5mg on the first day and then up the dose gradually hour by hour the next day at the rate of 1 gram per hour for 10 hours. Stop if your tummy starts to complain or you get diarrhea.

You can go up to 20g of vitamin C per day or much more intravenously. Once you know your tummy’s limit, you can evenly spread this amount out over the following day and so on, reducing the dose as you are feeling better. It is completely safe, any excess you will excrete in your urine.

For vitamin D, you will get 40 micrograms or 1600 IU (international units) in zinc’d capsules x4. To up that dose if your symptoms don’t level out or reduce in a day or two, you can immediately take 200 micrograms (8,000 IU) and then 100 micrograms per day (4,000 IU) for 7 days.

In hospital, you should be given much more than this particularly if you are in ICU. This should be completely safe but again reduce your dose down to normal as you start to feel better.

Click on the image to find out more about zinc’d