Fathers’ Day will be arriving this Sunday, so I thought I’d share with you some of my thoughts on what it’s like to be a father.

I have 3 kids, all grown up, ranging from 31 to 24. Trying to keep tabs on what one of them is doing at any given time can be tricky! Keeping up with all of them can be a complete nightmare!

They are either running off to festivals, travelling or working all the hours that God sends. So I’ve given up trying to keep up, at least for the time being!

However, I do insist on being looked after just a little bit on Fathers’ Day. It is likely that we will all get together and they will be cooking the dinner, instead of me ☺. Alternatively, we might go out…if I’m paying!

However, what is being a Dad really like? I am 57 years old and conscious that time is marching on. I tend to do a bit of exercise. This is great for stamina and long-term energy levels but it can sap your day to day energy if I either overdo it or don’t get enough sleep.

So, what worries me about getting old?

  • Maybe having no energy to enjoy myself.
  • Being surrounded by brain fog.
  • Becoming a tired old wreck and not being able to keep up with my kids.
  • Feeling like dancing is a chore (although most kids will be praying that there will be no Dad dancing involved on Fathers’ Day!).
  • Being a party pooper and having to go home early.
  • Thinking that the band or the DJ is too loud.
  • Being too tired to take the dog out for a walk.
  • Not being able to take the exercise I would like because of being overweight.
  • Sitting down in front of the TV to watch sport and just never getting up.

Over this weekend, you may be planning a long day of activities with your Dad. Eating and drinking, or perhaps a long walk in the country? Maybe a day trip to the seaside or to the park?

Whatever it is, it’s bound to involve some eating and drinking and a need for increased energy levels, so he can keep up! You may want to think about giving your Dad a helping hand…and here are some of my thoughts on this.

We all want to be on top of our game, Dads are no exception. I always want to be on top of my game so I exercise regularly and try and get as much sleep as possible. However, I know this is not always possible.

Sometimes energy levels are depleted from just day to day living, or a manic working lifestyle or just the balancing act of family and friends. Even when we are doing something seemingly relaxing energy can be sapped away from us!

Sense*, lifestyle food supplements, have been designed to deal with these lifestyle challenges and issues. I understand that none of us can be disciplined or lifestyle angels, all of the time! (even if some of us try harder than others), a helping hand boosts you to that extra level of success!

Sense* is one of the only food supplements that truly understands and delivers against lifestyle. Our products have been formulated to be Right for your Dad ….right every time, because it was formulated by myself and the experience of the sense* nutritional experts and scientists, to deal with the concerns of a 55 year old (even if I think I am still 35!)

So, even if you think your Dad…

  • Drinks a little bit too much
  • Burns the candle at both ends
  • Has a million things to do every day
  • Can’t give up smoking or doesn’t want to
  • Might have a cholesterol issue
  • Is a little over weight and needs some help to get back to his optimum size
  • Is tired and needs a helping hand for energy or stress levels

sense* has a solution that is right for your Dad and his lifestyle

Why? Because it has been formulated by me and the team of experts at sense*.

If you think that food supplements don’t work then think again:

  • 65% of the population take food supplements, are they wrong?
  • There’s a global market of $90 billion in food supplements, which tells you that they do work
  • Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to buy food supplement companies – because this is the truth behind progressive and sustainable health care
  • Also, food supplements work best if they are expertly formulated and are manufactured by companies that are GMP (good manufacturing practice) regulated. All of sense* manufacturers are GMP regulated and sense is manufactured in the UK.

Shouldn’t our diets give us enough vitamins and minerals?

  • Potentially yes, but only if you eat fresh organic vegetables and animals that are hand-reared or organically grass fed.
  • Not if you eat processed food—this is very limited in vitamins and minerals.
  • If you buy your food from supermarkets and convenience stores perhaps not. Why? Because these products take too long to get onto the shelf for them to retain nutritional elements to.
  • Not if you overload your body with toxins and rubbish
  • Not if you live in a big or small town or a city which has pollution

Why doesn’t our food give us enough nutrients?

  • Firstly, it’s just not fresh so it becomes oxidised by the air around it or – the nutrients are depleted over time.
  • Processed food has a minimum value of nutrients. Such foods are more focused on addictive sugar levels and the speed at which a product can be made or the time it will last on shelf.
  • Sugar + Haste + Longevity = Negative Nutrients AND will encourage the creation of Free Radicals in the body – ‘Bad body toxins’.
  • If you overcook food it’s nutrients become depleted.
  • Mainstream food nowadays is also covered in pesticides, detergents or polishing materials -and it is sorted within an inch of its life. The word Fresh is non existent in reality here.

Now, back to this Fathers day! and what you can do for your Dad

It is a day of enjoyment and pleasure, which is bound to involve activities that aren’t going to be overly healthy by definition. If you want to bring your Dad some healthy options and to move in the right and healthy direction:

Here are some recommendations from me to help you do that :

  1. See our top 10 Healthy restaurants guide – Some of my favourites in here, but book now!
  2. Gift in style – see our online product range for a sens…ible lifestyle gift for Your Dad.
  3. Check out our Healthy Recipe suggestions if you’re thinking of just having a good cook up at home

Happy Fathers’ Day to all and please share your healthy happy stories #getreadyfortomorrow