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sense* quality & service guarantee

Quality Guarantee

  1.  All products are manufactured in the UK in an ISO Class 8 Pharmaceutical clean room.  The dudes working in this room have known all about PPE for decades.
  2. The facilities are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the same UK medicines agency that approved the COVID vaccines.
  3. Temperature and air is controlled automatically with 20 complete air changes every hour.  That’s everything removed and replaced.  Nothing is missed.
  4. Ingredients are sourced from around the world from an ethically derived supply chain e.g. Turmeric from India, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and baobab from Africa.
  5. All ingredients are spot tested for quality in independent laboratories. Constant checks are made in-house too.  The paperwork is impressively boring!
  6. All ingredients are unpacked, encapsulated or packed and repacked for shipment in clean rooms (see no 1 above).  So nothing but the fabulous ingredients get into the products.
  7. Each product is targeted at one or more of your specific needs. Expertly designed so you get all the ingredients needed, all focused on the one problem you need fixed.  And in the best form for your body to absorb.

Service Guarantee

And if there is a problem, we offer a full refund, money back guarantee in the event you are not entirely happy with any of our products.  Just send us a message within 30 days. No questions asked.