Why is it so hard to get going?

Because we put labels on losing weight, it becomes difficult to start. You are not going on a diet, for example. Because “a diet” comes with a huge number of negative connotations.

  1. “Will I feel hungry all the time?”
  2. “Am I going to be eating rabbit food” or
  3. “There is no way I am going to get results quickly so why bother.”

So no labels, no diet! You just need to get into your mind THREE big ideas:

  1. Processed food is bad FOR YOU;
  2. Big food companies make rubbish/poor quality food;
  3. Big drink companies pile in the sugar (alcoholic or not);

plus ONE simple step :

Three staple foods add on the pounds—get rid of these or reduce them:


If this sounds a bit radical, maybe it is. But if it sounds too radical for you, then you may still be trying to figure out your weight issue this time next year, because weight issues arise not because of how much you eat or drink but what kind of food you eat or drink.

So just so you don’t forget, to succeed in your quest you need A NEW MINDSET?…IF YOU READ NO FURTHER REMEMBER:

  1. Processed food is bad;
  2. Big food companies make rubbish/poor quality food;
  3. Big drink companies, whether alcoholic or not, pile on the sugar;
  4. Three staple foods add on the pounds—get rid of these or reduce them:


HMM…you are now thinking “isn’t that the whole of my diet or a large part of it?”

If it is large part of your current diet then your job is pretty simple. Get rid of these foods or reduce your intake and BINGO we guarantee that you will lose weight…we absolutely guarantee it.

How can I be so sure?

Well the only other way to lose weight quickly is to enter an exercise programme that burns the bad fats and sugars, gets rid of the wheat and grains and takes care of the dairy. The fact, is I did this back in 2011. I entered a triathlon and I joined a relay team to swim the English channel. I ate for England, loads of pasta, protein, and other carbohydrate etc and I didn’t put on a pound (until I decided I needed an extra rubber tyre around my middle to keep warm in the English channel but that’s another story). Anyhow, I was 12 stones and fitting fit until I got a gut related problem and decided to clean up my diet by removing SUGAR…BREAD…DAIRY. Within 1 week, a kilo had gone, within two weeks another 2 kilos and within a month 7 kilos had disappeared. From where? I was really fit and doing 2 sessions a day. But by getting rid of weight producing food, I lost another stone…unbelievable!

So I can guarantee, that you will lose weight by getting rid of or reducing:


But how to start?

Here is a list of foods to avoid, along with their healthy or clean living counterparts.

Food type Stop eating Start eating
Sugary 1)Tea or coffee with sugar and milk 1)Either black tea or coffee with/without spices such as cinnamon, cardammon, cloves, ginger or with almond, coconut, rice, oat or other non-dairy milk (see Dairy section below)
2)Soft drinks /soda 2)Spring/ carbonated water infused in fresh mint and cucumber and unwaxed lime or lemon(unless you like eating polish)
3)Energy drinks (high caffeine) 3)Green Tea or Matcha Tea (low caffeine but theanine -natural  mind booster). See also sense for city living
4)Fruit juice 4)Green juice made from green vegetables and fruits with low GI such as cherries (22) berries (40), strawberries (40) peach (28) and see table below for more.

DO NOT  use apple juice unless fresh apples (GI 38), AND NOT pre-prepared apple juice or apple drinks. These can be pasteurised and therefore important nutrients are lost.

5) Condiments ie particularly sauces and ketchup 5) Use only your own dressings/condiments including olive or coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and mixed spices  like cayenne pepper and herbs.
Bread/wheat 1)White bread 1)Sour dough spelt or rye bread
2)Heavily processed cereals or granola  2) Sugar-free cereals on their own eg oats mixed with nuts and seeds
3)Cereal based energy bars heavy on sugar/syrups 3) High protein nut energy balls/bars BUT always -low in sugars (less than 10% by weight)
4) Wheat pasta spaghetti 4) Lentil or chickpea pasta or courgetti spaghetti as a much lighter option
5) Cheese crackers (also high in salt and fats)  5) Raw seed crackers or wholegrain rice crackers or organic specialist crackers (but look out for sugars).  There are so many good crackers out there, not just Ryvita!
 Dairy  1)Crème fraiche/double cream  1)Kefir
 2)Full fat greek style yogurt  2) Organic or Naturally fermented  yogurt with no sugar
 3)Soft cheese  3) Organic  goat’s or sheep’s cheese (beware of portions over 10g)
 4)Cheddar cheese  4)Parmesan or other aged hard cheese (beware of portions over 10g)


 5)Homemade almond or other nut milk or if non-dairy commercial milk such as almond, coconut, rice, oat etc beware added sugar, gums and other additives.
 6)Yogurt desserts  6) Naturally fermented yogurt with  fresh fruits   berries, papaya or pineapple

Feel empowered by getting rid of everything in the middle column altogether, or replacing it with something from the right-hand column.

This simple step is going to help. We guarantee it.

IN ADDITION, if you want to go deeper into the MINDSET for losing weight, see the top professional tips from our nutritionist at sense in the attached blog. Dimitra has two masters degrees in nutrition so knows what you need to be thinking about when it comes to food. Her latest blog post has her top tips about food, PLUS you can ask Dimitra anything by clicking here.

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