I was so delighted when our nutritionist, Dimitra, announced that we really needed a gut health product in our range.  Healing my own gut over the last 5 years or so has been the driver for starting sense* in the first place. Matching this journey with a properly designed product by such a great specialist like Dimitra was a fantastic experience.

How Important is The Gut?

I have read a lot about the gut and how the digestive system works but there is one fact that I recount to everyone I meet.  Do you know how important our digestive system actually is?  Well looking back, not that you will remember, when we were embryos in our mother’s womb, we started life as 3 tubes of equal importance:

  • one tube becomes our nervous system, our brain, spinal cord etc. that makes us tick,
  • another tube becomes our respiratory system, our heart and lungs building out to our cardiovascular system,
  • the third tube becomes our digestive system without which we wouldn’t exist, our mouth, stomach, small and large intestines (stuff we don’t really like to talk about!)

This last tube is attached to the umbilical cord through which we are fed and is the system which enables us to grow using food and the macro and micronutrients contained in it. It then continues to transfer nutrients to the other 2 tubes/systems throughout our lives.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

However, throughout our lives, it is not just good stuff that we take on board. There is a whole lot of bad stuff too.  Both bad stuff that we introduce voluntarily like sugar and alcohol and bad stuff that gets inside us without us knowing too much about it, like insecticides, pesticides and pollution.  All of which can damage our gut and the membranes and microbiome that make up out gut health..

So it is pretty important that it is healthy, it functions well and optimises the nutrition our body gets. sense* for gut health is helping you do this on a couple of different levels.  Firstly, it is helping to get rid of harmful bacteria by including herbal remedies such as oregano, garlic and rosemary. It also aids proper absorption of nutrients due to ingredients such as vitamin A and vitamin B2. Both of these micro-nutrients support the health of gut membranes. This is important because nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream by passing through the gut membranes.

That Bloating Feeling

If your gut health isn’t that great, then you may well feel rubbish.   Even depressed!  Since up to 95% of your happy brain chemical is produced in or by your gut then looking after it will by definition make you feel happier.

So if you know “that gut feeling” where your insides are breaking loose after a big meal, maybe involving pasta, bread or dairy.

If you are using all your energy just keeping your insides under control then you will need to find a solution.  You may not think that your diet is that bad. You may think about putting good stuff in.

I was eating loads of pasta because of doing triathlons to get my carbohydrate load up. In fact, it was doing me no good at all. I was just loading up the gluten levels on top of a stressful job and too much alcohol.

If you too are looking to “beat the bloat”, stop feeling uncomfortable or you are clenching far too often, make sure you try sense* for gut health as part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to help your digestion.