When Sense* was created as a concept, it was decided by the Founder, that every product would seek to rise above the ordinary.

Over many years big supplement companies, have rolled out numerous products where price is the main driver. Only lip-service is given to the important things like how well the ingredients absorb into the body.

Because, let’s face it, if your body doesn’t digest or absorb an ingredient it has only one place to go!

So to avoid literally throwing money down the toilet, Sense* has created products with the best possible absorption into the body.

That way you can be sure of getting the best results and the best nutrition.

For a generic explanation of why this is important, please see HERE for Why is using quality ingredients in the right format required?



Sense* uses vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients (ie amino acids) in their most bio available or absorb-able form.

The selection of the most bio-available forms is based on scientific papers examining absorption rates of single active ingredient or combinations of few actives.

For example, the form of magnesium used in sense* for joint & bone (magnesium citrate) provides a higher potency of absorb-able magnesium than other magnesium compounds.

Calcium citrate in sense* for gut health absorbs better in individuals with IBS, inflammatory bowel disease and malabsorption problems than the cheaper, non-effective calcium carbonate. (Which is one ingredient that literally goes down the toilet).

B12 Absorption – Methylcobalamin versus Cyanocobalamin

Another good example is  the use of methylcobalamin versus cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin has several advantages compared to cyanocobalamin.

These include the following;

It is natural and does not contain any toxic cyanide. It is proven to be absorbed and retained by the tissues better.

Methylcobalamin is also able to outperform cyanocobalamin in several other important ways.

There is evidence that when it is taken it stays in a person’s body for considerably longer than its synthetic counterpart.

Whatever the reason for taking vitamin B12, you will absrb more, for longer periods of time, if you take methylcobalamin.


Healing herb and flower selection used in herbal medicine over handmade hemp paper background.



Sense* uses not only the best herbals and botanical extracts for targeting specific needs but also aims to use richer herbals or wild herbs that are organic.

 Why Use Organic?

This, in the same way that you identify fine art or wine, is called “provenance”.

The sense* ingredients are (origin-)authentic and naturally grown in their original environment.

These conditions result to being more nutrient dense/ rich and therefore more potent giving the body the ability to absorb them better because of their natural form.

For example, the Maca used by sense* in sense* for busy lives has the following properties:

Properties of Maca

Authentic – Grown in the Peru.

Provenance – Grown in its original habitat. In the harsh and unique terrain of the Peruvian Andes. This gives it its nutrient dense/rich, strengthening benefits.

Organic –  Grown without use of of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Processing that would disable absorption and cause damage to the body.

Additionally sense* for busy lives uses organic turmeric from India, organic lucuma from Peru, organic flaxseed from Valencia, Spain, organic guarana from Brazil, organic Baobab from Africa.


Sense* uses smart combinations of actives to achieve synergy. This provides for maximum effect in terms of bio-availability.

For example, in sense* for joint & bone, sense* uses Vitamin D which is required for the better absorption of calcium into the bones and this synergy (smart combination of ingredients) is scientifically proven.

In sense* for busy lives synergy is achieved by the combination of Ginkgo biloba and Siberian ginseng for enhancement of cognitive function.

Scientific papers examined the beneficial combination of the 2 herbals for greater results in cognition and brain function.

In addition, the following synergies are also noteworthy:

-black pepper used as a catalyst for the maximum absorption of curcuminoids in turmeric powder in sense* for gut health;

-vitamin C used as a catalyst for the maximum absorption of iron in sense* for busy lives;

– peppermint, oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, turmeric in sense* for gut health provide a synergistic combination that help kill the bad bacteria in the gut.;

-magnesium and calcium in sense* for joint and bones work together at the cellular level.

Magnesium is a critical (catalyst) for your body to absorb the calcium it is taking in. It helps produces the hormone that your body needs to process it.

Vitamin D, as stated above, is also important for the absorption of calcium from the stomach and for the functioning of calcium in the body.


Sense* uses standardised therapeutic extracts for high density versions of the naturally occurring medicinal compounds. 

They are measured for containing the specific therapeutic active compound that you need. Eg. Green tea extract standardised for polyphenols or catechins.