First and foremost, you need nutrition from your food to provide the necessary input to live.

Your food is where you get the carbohydrate, protein, fats and vitamins and minerals to enable you to operate properly. You need to generate energy… to grow, to heal and to feed your various organs simply to get out of bed, to make a cup of tea or toast. Nutrition is therefore the key to life, so it seems sensible to ensure you eat food:

  • which is great quality and
  • is free from toxins

So if I eat ok, I will be fine?

That’s debatable… here’s the rub!

YES, if you eat fresh organic vegetables and animals that are hand reared and organically grass fed and live up a mountain


  • Not if you eat processed food
  • Not if you buy your food from supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Not if you overload your body with toxins and rubbish
  • Not if you live in a big or small town or city that has pollution

Why doesn’t our food give us enough nutrients?

  • Firstly, it just is not fresh enough so it becomes oxidised by the air or the nutrients are depleted by the time it reaches the supermarket shelves
  • Processed food has minimum value as far as nutrients are concerned
  • Processed food contains stuff that is bad for you, from corn syrup to saturated fat. Click here for list of ingredients in processed food that is just plain bad.
  • If you overcook food it becomes depleted in terms of nutrients.
  • It is also covered in pesticides, washed in detergents, polished and sorted within an inch of its life so even if you buy fresh food, it comes with toxins added….NICE!

What is a toxin?

The following is a list of toxins we choose to put into our bodies:

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Drugs
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Numerous ingredients in processed food and drink (see above)
  • Allergens specific to you e.g. gluten, wheat, nuts

The following is a list of toxins that are not chosen by us but we take in involuntarily:

  • Pollution (click here for more information on this aspect)
  • Numerous ingredients in processed food (see this list of toxins to avoid in your food)
  • Pesticides or detergents or polishes that remain on food as part of the food chain (this link has more details)
  • Genetically modified food (GMO) (read more about that here)

What happens when we put toxins into our body?

  • Your body has a process called detoxification to break down toxins
  • Your body has to work very hard to break down toxins that are introduced
  • You use up much more energy to detoxify and break down toxins
  • Some toxins cannot be broken down at all and will either remain in your body in small quantities and build up or will poison you right away
  • Some toxins will create by-products that are harmful to you, for example, if you drink too much alcohol it creates a substance called “acetaldehyde” that is up to 30 times more harmful than alcohol itself. This results in hangovers being formed or being poisoned.
  • Your body uses vitamins and minerals and other nutrients such as amino acids to break down toxins in your liver and intestines
  • The more vitamins and minerals and other nutrients you have the better so you can break down toxins more easily

Does all this mean that we shouldn’t eat processed food?


Does all this mean that we should be careful what we buy from supermarkets?


Does all this mean that our food won’t give us enough nutrients?


But tell me again why we need food supplements?

Even if you don’t eat processed food or you are careful about what you buy from supermarkets, your diet will not give you everything you need for your body to operate properly or to get rid of toxins efficiently.

Damn… that’s a pain, but how am I supposed to know what will make my body work at optimal levels?

Well you could take the time to get two Masters degrees in nutrition (which the Sense co-founder, Dimitra, has obtained) OR you could let us do all the work and expertly deliver to you food supplements that are Right for You and Your Lifestyle.

Sounds like an easy choice, but why choose sense*?

Firstly, you don’t need a Masters degree or a Ph.D to buy a Sense product. You can see right away if it is Right for You.

Sense gives you the extra vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that you need for Your body and Your Lifestyle, whatever life you choose to lead

  • Sense helps your body function properly by providing precise formulations that assist you in your lifestyle choices
  • Sense helps your body break down toxins
  • Sense prevents the build up of poisonous substances
  • Poisonous substances or toxins can have a long term health consequence for you
  • Sense aims to ‘cover you’ when you need it most
  • If you want to tackle lifestyle issues head on, Sense makes common sense

What Sense does not do:

  • It is not a drug or medicine
  • It won’t provide a miracle cure to any health issues
  • Sense won’t sort out your love life ☺

What Sense is

  • You should think of Sense as your constant support to make a difference to your lifestyle, providing an expert holistic solution.
  • Of course don’t expect us to be short term or to condone un-sensible conduct
  • But if you think about your body, your health and how to help yourself, Sense is the best support your money can buy
  • None of us are angels and life generally in this day and age is full of toxins, so you need help in processing toxins better
  • Some of us are unlucky, we need more help than others getting through the day.

Let us tell you about Jessica

One of our customers is a long-term sufferer from Multiple Sclerosis, has two children under the age of 9 and works as a Pilates teacher and on the weekends, likes to relax with friends with the odd glass of wine. She really shouldn’t drink any alcohol, or even coffee for that matter or eat any foodstuffs with wheat or gluten in them because of her MS. But occasionally she does because none of us can be angels all of the time. As a result, she can end up exhausted at the end of the day and feeling rubbish in the morning before she even starts getting the kids ready for school on a Monday morning. Step in Sense to ‘cover’ for her – firstly, by taking Sense for a Night Out she can enjoy a night out with friends knowing that the toxins that are generated will be broken down more easily so she will get up feeling really able to give full energy to a day out with her two kids. If during the day her energy levels drop because of the running around with the kids in the park, cooking Sunday lunch and getting ready for work the next day, step in Sense for City Living. But you don’t have to take our word for this, Jess tested Sense for City Living against a number of leading multi-vitamin brands and she found out that it provided much better energy levels than the competition, in fact it blew the rest away.

So you don’t need to believe us that supplements works. Our customers will tell you the same. Plus US $40 billion worth of sales globally should convince you. They cannot all be wrong!

Supplements will help you eliminate a lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet, help you to process toxins that your body takes in voluntarily (alcohol and processed food) and involuntarily (pollution, pesticides) and avoid long-term health issues as a result.

What does Sense supplements do exactly?

Sense is the supplement that makes sense :

  • Gives you vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are right for you and your lifestyle
  • Gives you nutrients that your food cannot give you to detoxify
  • Processes toxins that you choose to put in your body, e.g. alcohol, nicotine, sugar and processed
  • Processes toxins that you don’t choose to put in your body, e.g. pollution, processed food and drink, pesticides and polishes
  • Gives you a common sense option that you really benefit from
  • Provides an expert formulation that you can see is Right for You
  • Expertly formulates its products so you don’t have to get a PHD in food nutrition
  • You don’t need a PHD to buy Sense because it is clear if it is Right for You

So you can spend endless hours researching nutrients that are Right for You or you can let Sense do it for you

‘sense does it for you’

  • By taking Sense you will build up nutrients to help you look good as well as feel good
  • Sense stops poisons harming your insides and detoxifies those toxins that you can get rid of more easily.

So FIVE great reasons to take food supplements

  1. Your food simply doesn’t give you all the nutrients you need
  2. You need extra nutrients to process toxins you voluntarily take in
  3. You need extra nutrients to process toxins from pesticides and the environment
  4. Expertly formulated food supplements provide holistic solutions
  5. Whatever lifestyle choices you make, having the food supplement in your handbag or kitchen or bathroom cabinet that is right for you, will make you feel good and ultimately, look good too.