I thought that I would share with you my favourite green smoothie recipe using sense* for gut health. (The recipe will also work with any of the sense* superfood supplement powders, for that matter!)

The hint of black pepper in the smoothie helps to increase the bio-availability of the turmeric found both in the sense* for gut health superfood supplement powder and added to the smoothie. The resistant starches combines with ingredients in the sense* for gut health formula, such as inulin, to make a powerful prebiotic formula to help feed your good gut bacteria and boost the diversity of your gut microflora.


  • 100g carrots, organic if possible
  • Courgette,100g organic if possible
  • 100g cucumber, organic if possible
  • 10g resistant starch
  • 5g organic baobab
  • 5g spirulina
  • 15g seeds, such as sesame or poppy
  • 3g turmeric
  • 1g ground black pepper
  • 10g coconut oil
  • 1 organic avocado, if in season
  • 1-2 servings of sense* for gut health, sense* for busy lives

or sense* for joint & bone

superfood recipe infredients


Blend the ingredients thoroughly with enough water to cover. Have for breakfast to keep you going all through the morning and even past lunch.  In fact, try having half of the smoothie for breakfast and half whenever you get hungry in the morning.  You will be having light lunches as a result!

I guarantee you wont be disappointed with your choice due to the high quality ingredients we chose for each product. Not only in terms of the actual ingredient but also the form that it takes, making sure we maximise absorption into your body.  I guarantee you will feel great because I use all of these products every day, in a life that is full paced and a little bit hectic.

Sometimes we will also include a small amount of  a specific ingredient just to react with others so you benefit from the synergy that results in higher absorption such as the black pepper mentioned above.

We also take a 360 approach by including all the nutrient groups required for your body and mind in each product. This results in really dense nutrition particularly in our superfood supplement powders that comes from combining concentrated naturally derived supplements with well recognised (and some not so well recognised) superfood powders.  The combination means you get a true superfood.

And not to go on and on about how good we are but everyone can enjoy sense* products no matter what your diet or cultural background. It means also that we are doing our bit for the planet by being vegan across all products.