Sense* COP26 Challenge – Do You want to make a difference?

The World’s attention is going to be on the UK from Sunday and for 12 days thereafter.  COP26 is taking place in Glasgow between 31st October – 12th November 2021.  The COP26 Challenge has started!

The UN Climate Change Conference represents the deadline for ALL countries to present their plans to cut emissions so that global temperatures do not rise more than 1.5° C.

It is potentially one of the most important events of our lifetime and that of future generations. What will you do to make a difference?

Many small changes can have a large impact

But at sense* we think we can all make a difference no matter how small, to keep climate change under control.  Because if we all make a small effort, it will have a large impact.

So we have created the Sense* COP26 Challenge to see how many tonnes of CO2 we can save between us.  Are you up for it?

How to Get Involved

Set out below are details of how you can get involved and make a difference on each of the 13 days of the COP26 conference by taking the COP26 Challenge.  Plus a couple of starter ideas too!

We know how busy everyone is, so each idea is specifically designed to be quick and easy to do!   But we are not expecting everyone to do everything…although that would be a great thing:)

Daily COP26 Challenge reminders to join in

Just see what is possible by looking at the Challenges below and click on the link at the end of this email to join in.

We’ll send out a reminder of each Challenge on the day allocated if you tell us that is what you want by clicking on the link below (although feel free to swap days round if it suits you better).

Tracking the impact

When we send the reminder, it will also ask if you have completed that day’s Challenge.  We’ll collect all the responses to see how much together we have saved & let you know how well you have done and collectively what was the impact is too.

At the end we will send a questionnaire for anyone taking part who doesn’t get the daily emails. So we don’t miss anyone out!

Prizes and discounts – we put our money where our mouth is

And there are prizes for anyone who completes 1 or more challenges.  There are increasing levels of discount off your next order as follows:

Complete 1 or 2 COP26 challenges – 15% off your next order

If you complete a minimum of 3 COP26 Challenges – 20% off your next order.

Complete a minimum of 5 COP26 Challenges – 25% off your next order.

If you complete a minimum of 10 COP26 Challenges – 50% off your next order.

You just need to email us with details of your Challenges eg screenshot of online activity, photos of other activity

Plus a FREE product

However, if you post pictures on our social media pages instead of emailing us showing you or your friends and family completing the minimum 1 or 2, 3, 5 or 10 Challenges, then not only will you get the discount but we will add a free product of your choice.

–  tell us on email ([email protected]) which platform you’ve posted on, the prize claimed and the free product chosen etc OR
–  just post it all on social media with a picture of you or your friends and family and tell us all the details,  whether in one post or more than one post of the Sense* COP26 Challenge you have completed.

What the Prize looks like

We will send everyone who does the Challenges or posts on social media, a discount code (or more than one) for you to claim your full prize the next time you make a purchase.

See the links to our social media platforms at the end of this email.

Starter COP26 Challenges to be done before the end of the month, if possible:

Sign a petition or two to let the UK Government and World Leaders know you want them to take urgent action:

Daily COP26 Challenges 

Day 1 Challenge (Sunday 31st October):  

Have a meat free Sunday.  Go veggie or vegan for the day or any day.   14.5% of annual global climate changing gases are due to meat and dairy production (Friends of the Earth UK, Jan 2020).

Day 2 Challenge (Monday 1st November):

Turn your heating down by one degree today (or more if you can bear it!).  In 2019, households used 26% of our total energy output across the EU of which 64% was heating (see )

Day 3 Challenge (Tuesday 2nd November):  

Set an appliance to its Eco setting & leave it there E.g dishwasher, washing machine or TV!

Most televisions now have an eco-friendly start-up button that means you save electricity every time you turn the television on. Lighting and appliances account for over 14% of our total energy output (see )

Day 4 Challenge (Wednesday 3rd November):   

Join the Woodland Trust’s ‘The Big Climate Fightback’ and either:




Day 5 Challenge (Thursday 4th November):

Dig out your bike if you have one and take it for a spin.  Make sure it is roadworthy first, of course!  And work out which car or other journeys you can replace by going on your bike.



  • if you are not in London or somewhere with a bike scheme, see Day 8 Challenge, walk or take public transport to replace a car journey

Day 6 Challenge (Friday 5th November):   

Have a look around your flat or house and see what needs insulating.  Is it the windows, or the doors, the walls or the loft?

Whatever it is, put it on your list of things to do.  Insulating your home is one of the best ways to keep the heat in and the cold out and will both cut your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

For helpful tips see:

Day 7 Challenge (Saturday 6th November):

The COP26 Coalition see           is organising a Global Day of Action today.   You can join in either:


Day 8 Challenge (Sunday 7th November):

Replace a car journey today with a bike trip, walk or public transport.


  • If you haven’t got a car or in any event, work out all the public transport use you are going to do in November/December and replace one or more of those trips with a mode of transport which is more climate friendly.  For example,  replace cab journey with a bus ride; replace a plane journey with a train; walk instead of public transport…great exercise too!

Day 9 Challenge (Monday 8th November): 

At the end of the day, switch off your computer and any screens you use & make a promise to do this every day from now on.  A computer left on overnight for a year creates enough C02 to fill a double-decker bus or more by the energy used even in sleep mode!  Turn them all off, preferably at the mains!

Day 10 Challenge (Tuesday 9th November):

Join a local Fossil Free UK campaign near you.  Fossil Free UK is a global campaign led by local groups demanding that their communities and institutions commit to three key actions:

  • a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all,
  • a ban on new fossil fuel projects anywhere and divestment from dirty energy, and
  • for public institutions to cut their political, social and financial ties to the fossil fuel industry.  See:

Day 11 Challenge (Wednesday 10th November): 

Doing a load of washing today?  Use a low temperature, eco cycle, cut the spin revolutions and hang it out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer.  As mentioned, lighting and appliances use over 14% of our total energy output.

Or dare we suggest it, wash it by hand particularly if it’s a small load. Your grandmother will or would be proud of you:)

Day 12 Challenge (Thursday 11th November): 

Take a look at your lightbulbs.  Preferably not when they are on or you will start to see red dots😊

Are they all LED?  If not, go and buy or order some LED ones ready to replace them when the current lightbulbs die.

Be aware that LED lightbulbs are more expensive but can last up to 20 times longer and be more than 80% more energy efficient than conventional bulbs.  And they don’t cost 20 x more!!

Day 13 (Friday 12th November):  

Check whether your energy supplier offers 100 % UK sourced non-nuclear renewable energy AND carbon neutral gas.   If they don’t, make today the day to switch suppliers.   It is surprisingly easy to do to switch!

Beware that every energy supplier out there is trying to frantically “greenwash” their offer but don’t be fooled.  Here are two recommendations that we have checked out if you don’t have the time to research the issue:

And don’t forget to sign up to daily COP26 Challenge reminders by submitting your preferences by hitting the link below.

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