Where to start for a healthy lifestyle

Building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. When you begin your health journey, one of the most important things to remember is that consistency is key. That’s why I’ve put together my top tips to help you on your way.  Remember routine is key to a healthy routine. I hope you find these tips useful.

A Healthy Diet

Start the day with a meal filled with all the good things  to keep you going all day, no matter what time you start.

My favourite start to the day is either a Green Smoothie or a breakfast bowl with Kefir or Coconut Yogurt.

It’s even better if you can have a 12 or 14-hour break between your evening meal and breakfast.  See our Recipe Booklet for great recipes for all times of the day Click Here.

But remember routine is key to a healthy lifestyle so keep doing the good stuff on a regular basis.

Regular Exercise

Golden rule…do something! We can’t all be professional sportsmen or swim the channel. But, we can all move our bodies from time to time so that our pulse raises and our limbs are extended.

Moderate walking for as little as 30 minutes each day can reduce the risk of heart disease and, interestingly, reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by up to 40%. Therefore, there’s no excuse not to start moving.

Prioritise Sleep

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.  People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites  because their leptin levels fall, which promotes an appetite increase. So, avoid binging when you are tired.

People that exercise sleep better… which is logical really. Sleep is personal and only you know how much you need. However, very few people cope well on less than 7 hours per night.

Create Balance

Balancing your life on a day to day basis really helps. Nutrition is the fuel that keeps your body moving but it is also the key to mental performance.

So, by all means, indulge yourself in pizza, ready meals and fizzy drinks, but just bear in mind that this puts you into nutrition deficit. Read about the Nutrition Gap.

As a result, you need to balance the bad stuff with the good stuff.  Work out what you think is good and bad and if your bad habits are greater than 20%, you need to enhance the quality of the rest of your diet to compensate.

Maintain Good Habits

Routine is key for a healthy lifestyle and when it comes to maintaining good habits. For example, most of us tend to up our alcohol intake over the Christmas period. But, by countering the intake of toxins with healthy habits the next morning, you will balance good and bad. If you are going to do this, be consistent and try doing it every time.

Consider Adding Supplements

Finally, if you know you are in a nutrition deficit more than 20% of the time, you need to get extra nutrition into your body.  Read about the Nutrition Gap.

This is where sense* steps in, offering a high-quality nutrition balance that is Total…Targeted…Absorption.

I hope this note helps you think about some of the things that will help get your routine going.