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  • Got That Gut Feeling? What helps to improve gut health

    I was so delighted when our nutritionist, Dimitra, announced that we really needed a gut health product in our range.  Healing my own gut over the last 5 years or so has been the driver for starting sense* in the first place. Matching this journey with…

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  • Amanda Hamilton – What Nutritionist, Author and Broadcaster says about Sense*

    Amanda Hamilton has been at the forefront of health and nutrition for over 15 years, firstly as a BBC presenter where she was responsible for 8 syndicated series on health topics. She then became a Registered Nutritional Therapist and has built up an international reputation…

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  • sense at just v show at olympia

    Visit sense at Just V Exhibition at Olympia in London – 5th – 7th July 2019

    Sense will be showcasing its product range of superfood powders and capsules at the Just V Show from this coming Friday 5th July- Sunday 7th July. Why? Because all our products are 100% VEGAN…we are doing our bit to help the planet by using no…

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  • womans own recommends sense for joint and bone superfood supplement powder

    Womans Own Magazine Recommends sense for joint and bone

    Sense Products have announced that they are to receive press coverage in the national womens magazine Woman’s Own. Featured in the article entitled ‘Food for Healthier Joints’, is the sense product, sense for joint and bone. The article states that it is a ‘great addition…

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  • We Work Event – 26th June 2019

    Be great to see you at the sense* event at WeWork, Aviation House, Holborn today from 11.30-2.30 pm! Pick up your favourite sense* product or try a sample stirred into Kefir or as a Meal Replacement.???????? – for busy lives – Energise your Day –…

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  • sense* recipe — for gut health butternut squash soup

    Makes sense* An easy and hearty butternut squash soup enriched with gut-loving ingredients. Using sense* for gut health superfood and supplement powder. How to: Spread the vegetables onto a roasting tin and cover with the salt, pepper and oil. Roast until tender and golden-brown (around…

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  • sense* recipe – for busy lives pink porridge

    Makes sense* Pink porridge is all the rage these days. This recipe is super easy and tastes great. Using sense* for busy lives superfood & supplement powder. How to: Add the oats, almond milk and honey, agave or stevia into a saucepan. Cook the oats…

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  • sense* recipe — for joint & bone avocado hummus

    Makes sense* A tasty avocado hummus even more jam-packed with nutrients than normal hummus! Using sense* for joint & bone superfood and supplement powder. How to: Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor until smooth. You may need to scrape down the sides…

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  • sense* recipe — for busy lives strawberry banana sorbet

    Makes sense* Strawberries and bananas are an amazing flavour combination. This pretty pink sorbet tastes great without a single spoon of added sugar! Using sense* for busy lives superfood & supplement powder. How to: Cut the bananas into 1cm slices and place in the freezer…

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  • Can you change your lactose tolerance?

    As summer nears, our thoughts all too often turn to ice cream. A nice, creamy scoop of ice cream is definitely a favourite treat on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t join in the fun because they are lactose intolerant.…

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  • The Founder’s Gut Health Story

    I have read a lot about the gut and how the digestive system works but there is one question that I ask everyone I meet: ‘Do you know how important our digestive system (Gut Health), actually is?’ To understand the answer, we need to start…

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  • Are You Sabotaging Your Sleep?

    Did you know an NHS study reported that only 38% of UK adults are considered ‘good sleepers’? According to the same study, a whopping 30% of us are ‘severely’ sleep deprived. For many of us, it seems like no matter what we do, it’s impossible…

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