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  • Processed Food – What Food Companies Hide

    What is Processed Food? Processed food is any food that has been through a process or event which affects how it is received by the consumer.  It therefore has a wide definition.  So it is worth taking note that there are some processed foods that…

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  • Resistant Starch – Glossary

    Have you already heard something about resistant starch. If you haven’t, now is the time to find out why it’s important to gut health. What is it? Resistant starch is a carbohydrate that “resists” digestion in the small intestine and ferments instead in the large intestine. So they…

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  • Ingredient(s) of the Week – Soluble fibre – Acacia Fibre and Pysllium Husk

    Soluble fibre for ingredient of the week? We thought it might be worth informing you of the important properties of certain ingredients that go into our expertly formulated products.  Why have they been included in relevant product?  What job do they do?  What are these,…

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  • Metabolism – Glossary

    Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in the human body . To explain, the three main purposes of metabolism are: the conversion of food to energy to run cellular processes; the conversion of food/fuel to building blocks of macro nutrients, e.g. protein and…

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  • Cheating Your Body Clock

    What Makes a Difference to Your Body Clock…routine, routine, routine Making good habits, and keeping to a routine of fresh food, exercise, stress reduction and decent sleep is crucial.  Why?  Because we are controlled by the 24 hour solar cycle called the Circadian Rhythm or…

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  • Our Founder’s Morning Routine

    Get Grounded and Control Your Morning Routine There is a lot written about daily or morning routine. That is probably because it is very important to the type of day we have.  Are we grounded in the present or stressed about the future?  Do we let…

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  • Circadian rhythm, rest and routine

    If I was to say that opening your eyes in the morning has the biggest affect on your health. Over everything else!  You would probably think I had slightly lost the plot. However, there are buckets full of scientific research and evidence about the Circadian…

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  • A healthy lifestyle proposal

    Leap years only come about every 4 years just like the Olympics. But why do we need them? Just when we have got used to 28 days in February, along comes an extra day to upset our healthy lifestyle routine. And routine is so important…

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  • Webinar podcast: Managing Your Microbiome/Top Tips for Digestive Health

    Digestive health podcast Amanda Hamilton is an accredited nutritionist, author and broadcaster.  In a webinar podcast, she shares her tips for managing your microbiome to keep you in great digestive health! You Tube video

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  • Webinar podcast : New Years Resolutions that Go the Distance for Your Health!

    Accredited nutritionist, author and broadcaster, Amanda Hamilton highlights the New Years Resolutions that will do the most for your health! You Tube video

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  • Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle? How to form habits that stick over 30 days

    Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle? Look no further for 30 great health tips for you to build into your lifestyle. We give you one tip per day to try out and see how much you enjoy it or found it easy to do. No cheating if…

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  • amanda hamilton

    Free Webinar: Amanda Hamilton on How to Make Your Health Resolutions stick at 7pm on 9th January 2020

    Amanda Hamilton is an accredited nutritionist, author and broadcaster. She is giving a free webinar hosted by Jonathan Ebsworth, the CEO and Founder of Sense Products. This will help you set your health resolutions for 2020 and will show you how to make them stick.…

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