Immunity supplements regime

We received a request from a customer whose daughter had just caught the COVID-19 virus.  She was asking which immunity supplements we would recommend for her to take.

Firstly, the request itself is humbling so thank you Kate for showing trust in sense*.  Secondly, our nutritionist is currently unavailable so Jonathan, our Founder put together his personal immunity supplements plan for Kate and her daughter who is in her late 30’s.

Jonathan, his mum and a few doctors’ viewpoints

We are setting out below the email to Kate word by word.  It is based on Jonathan’s mother’s research and knowledge over 50 years as a biololgist, botanist and health food junky.  Together with his own research and practice for his own auto-immune condition and the current virus.

Also from speaking with doctor friends about what they are taking.   The only thing he missed out was the other sense* superfood supplement powders that he takes every day since that would have been too sales like for such a serious request.

Email to Kate for her daughter

Here is Jonathan’s answer, no pretty pictures or frills, we hope it helps you or your family or friends. You can get smaller packs of the Biocare and Allicin and where it may be out of stock there is an alternative suggested:

“Hi Kate,
Sorry to hear about your daughter. My answer is based on your daughter’s supplementation being minimal so deduct anything she is already taking.  There is also no substitute for medical advice.  This answer is from Jonathan, the sense* founder not our nutritionist who isn’t available at the moment.

Focus on the basics

Firstly, focus on the basics so good all round multivitamin is needed. I take sense* for busy lives superfood supplement powders but the capsules are just as good for the 3 main immunity vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc.  I suggest she takes two servings daily.  Here is link

Top up the basics

Secondly, top up the basics to maximum levels:

Vitamin C – I buy Biocare’s Vitamin C powder (magnesium ascorbate) and take 3-5g (not mgs) per day so one level-heaped teaspoon .

Your body will let you know if you are taking too much by a mildly upset tummy. So I suggest starting on 1g per day and work up by 1g per day.  You need an ascorbate or ascorbic acid but the mineral ascorbates are easier on the tummy eg sodium or magnesium.

Here is Biocare’s version:

Vitamin D – Top up with Natures Answer or Biotics Research Vitamin D3 drops.  Two drops per day of each deliver 4,000IU or 100mcg. 

Zinc – has to be zinc citrate or picinolate.  My suggestion is Solgar’s 30mg capsules. I would only take these for 2-4 weeks on top of  sense* for busy lives but when ill the body needs much more than normal.

However, the sites I searched are out of stock so next best thing is Lambert’s, found here

Botanical and herbal remedies

In addition to the above there are various botanical and herbal remedies that boost the immune system and some of these work and some don’t.  Often depending on your individual make up.

The ones that I think you can rely on are Echinacea, Garlic/Allicin and Elderberry.

Nature’s Answer do a number of these here: Free/dp/B0016B66PU 
but stock may be limited but the garlic extract to rely on is Allicin Max here:

Finally elderberry extract, this is the right strength from a brand you can trust:

Double dosing

If your daughter isn’t improving there is no harm in doubling all doses of single ingredients for a short period of time 5-7 days.   Vitamin C up to 20 grams per day if she can take it.

I hope this helps, good luck and wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. 

If you have any questions or comments of your own, please contact us at [email protected] or via Ask the Nutritionist.   Stay safe and well!