Replacing sugar with healthy treats

This is one of my Mum’s very favourite healthy treats or snack foods recipe.  All of her healthy  treats recipe are designed to reduce sugar and carbohydrate.  Anyone on a ketone diet with know why!
Not only do they fill you up but they keep you going for ages. Allowing you to fill those moments when you may be an hour or two from your main meal or don’t want a long lunch or even to take on a picnic.
These bars are full of good fats and other nourishing foods.

The Coconut Factor

The coconut contains saturated fat and therefore necessary for the body but in small amounts. So if you are worried about saturated fat in your diet make sure coconut chocolate slices are one way of consuming this type of fat.

Phat Bomb (healthy treats) recipe

This usually makes between 20-25 smallish bars (2″ or 5cms long).

1 carton/250ml of coconut cream
1 carton/200g of creamed coconut
4 tbsp organic coconut oil
6 tbsp ground organic almonds
6 tbsp organic desiccated coconut
3 tbsp 100% cacao powder (organic and raw if possible)
handful of sunflower seeds (plus extra for decoration)
handful of soaked and drained goji berries (plus extra for decoration)
1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper
1-2 tsp powdered cinnamon
6 drops of lemon essential oil
stevia –to your liking
Handful flaked almonds or flaked coconut or desiccated coconut (as additional decoration, if desired)
Optional: 3 tbsp sense* for busy lives, for gut health or for joint & bone (they all work really well depending on what you want to target)


In a baine marie or ceramic bowl/saucepan melt the creamed coconut over boiling water, adding the coconut cream and coconut oil as you go.  Stir together well.
Add all of the other ingredients once melted fully and mix very well together. Taste for the desired flavours e.g. add more stevia if not sweet enough for you or any of the sense* superfood supplement powders.
Whilst the creamed coconut mixture is melting/mixing you can prepare an 8×8 square, deep dish.  I use a ceramic dish about 5cm deep. Line the dish with cooking parchment paper.
Tip the mixture into this dish and level out so the mixture is 2-3cm deep.
Then sprinkle on the decorations – the goji berries and sunflower seeds.
I often add flaked almonds, coconut flakes or more desiccated coconut.
Whatever takes your fancy.
Press the decorations firmly into the mixture, so that they stick to it.  Then place in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours.
I then remove the whole square from the dish and cut the square into bars (about 2″ or 5cm long).

Additional suggestions

I have also added soaked, chopped and drained medjool dates to the mixture – and that is really lovely.  Particularly if you don’t have or don’t like stevia.
The secret is to play around with the basic recipe. Food preparation should be fun.


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