From School Project to Mushroom Soup Recipe for Immunity

I did botany for A-level and I had to do a special project on a topic of my choice –strangely I chose mushrooms as they had always fascinated me. But I didn’t think that I would be writing a Mushroom Soup Recipe 65 years later.

Nor did I realise that much later in my life I would return to them as a medicinal tool to help my husband with his various cancers –and help they did.

We used an extract of a bracket fungus called Coriolus versicolor and it did seem to make a big difference. My husband lived for 20 years alongside his various cancers without chemo or radiation treatment.

So I am fond of the mushroom, some of the reasons why I like making mushroom soup.

What’s in a Mushroom?

hand holding a mushroom

Mushrooms contain a polysaccharide called beta –glucans which has an effect on the immune system which stops cancer cell growth. They are also anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Quite a package.

People are wary of these fungal fruiting bodies (the part that is picked) unless they are white and come in a box from the supermarket!

Yes there are highly toxic mushrooms out there in the wild –but generally they warn you –either by their unpleasant smell or their very bright colours.

Nowadays we can buy a variety of mushrooms from all over the World in the supermarkets (although that may now change) and the choice for a soup or some other meal is entirely up to personal choice.

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Different Forms of Mushroom to Use

Data controlled clinical trials have shown the medicinal efficacy of these plants and this has been known in Eastern medicine for a very long time.

Yes you could purchase a mushroom mycelial extract in capsule form but experimentation has shown that just eating any safe mushrooms can have a dramatic effect on the immune system.

You can also buy a variety of exotic mushroom powders.

I have used all three ways of taking them into my body on a daily basis.

At the moment I am adding  a Reishi mushroom powder to my morning smoothie and I am also making a mushroom soup each week.  I use the soup as a sauce over my vegetables at dinner time too.

Mum’s Mushroom Soup recipe for Immunity (or Mushroom Sauce recipe)

Here is my recipe. I am a bit of a “creative “cook –so it usually tastes a bit different each time as I will use different herbs or spices.  I also use a lot of the Allium (onion) family as they also have huge medicinal benefits for the immune system .

250g of small Portobello mushrooms

250g of normal white button mushrooms

3 red onions

Whole head of garlic—cleaned and crushed well before adding to the soup (this releases the many phytochemicals )

2 leeks

1 can of full fat coconut milk

1litre of filtered water

Herbs of choice

Seasonings –black pepper, an organic vegetable broth capsule or powder, some salt (pink Himalayan)

I wash and chop all of the vegetables, add them all to a pan and add the litre of water.

Bring to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes until cooked.

I add the seasoning and herbs once cooked.  Then I blitz with a hand held blender until reasonably smooth but use whatever processor that you have.

Then I add the can of coconut milk and I stir that in very well or blitz again.

Lots of tasting goes on –so usually I add more black pepper or herbs –all depending on the taste that you want to achieve.

People seem to make such heavy work of soup making and it need not be so –I usually have my finished version within 30 minutes.

Summer Soup to Follow Soon

Soon it will be summer and I shall be making raw summer soups with avocados and cucumbers. I have never tried a cold mushroom soup –but there is always a first time.

Equally, there are many other ways of enjoying mushrooms and gaining medicinal benefits from them at the same time.  Watch this space!