Nothing like a bit of flirting to start the day;) But really, are we worth talking to or staying in touch with or not? A serious question. We will let you decide later.

But first the chat up!

We are a start up with a mission to bring healthy options to as many people as we can. But as a start up, we don’t always get the business bit right first time so we have looked at how we give you information and up to now it hasn’t been good enough. This Article is an example of how we have changed the way we do things!

What we know we have got right is the quality of the products that we recommend you buy from us. They are the highest quality food and superfood supplements you can buy at any price, it just happens that they are affordable and value for money too.

Not only do we recommend them but over 100 separate press aticles within the health and lifestyle press have have also recommended them. Click HERE to see our press pages which includes the likes of

But why is everyone talking or writing about sense*?

What is so different about us compared to all the other supplement companies out there.


You will find no other supplement company or product has all these things.
Sounds like marketing waffle? Not the case, because facts speak for themselves.

So why TOTAL? That’s easy because in every sense* product we have included each of the nutrient groups that your body needs to survive.
Yes, that’s right to survive not flourish which we will come to later!

For a more detailed description click HERE for ALL NUTRIENT GROUPS ARE NEEDED TO STAY HEALTHY! 

And why TARGETED? Because each ingredient in every product is aimed like an arrow at your specific need, aka the reason to buy the product.
Whether it is for:

  • a busy or modern lifeworking hard or looking after kids; or
  • gut, digestion or bowel issue or a healthy microbiome; or
  • looking  after your jointsbones, muscles etc. due to age or exercise; or
  • protecting your organs when having a drink with friends.

Every ingredient in any product is targeted at that specific need.


Finally, and most importantly of all, ABSORPTION. Why so? Just logic really, if you eat lots of stuff that is difficult to digest or absorb into the body, it will just come out the other end!
So when we claim to be high quality, we mean the highest quality and best format of ingredient to enable your body to easily digest and absorb that nutrient into your bloodstream.
Because that is where it needs to go! It’s called bio availability.For a further explanation, click HERE for WHY IS USING QUALITY INGREDIENTS IN THE RIGHT FORMAT REQUIRED?So the chat up line is “do you fancy some total nutrition…targeted for your needs…via the best absorption”, because with all these together you will flourish not just survive and get great results GUARANTEED (or we offer your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied).So I asked you at the beginning, are we worth talking to?
How do you feel about staying in touch?

Hopefully, you will stay with us and if you do, you can expect some of the following in the coming weeks:

  • Do you feel let down by supplements?
  • Why do we need more nutrition in the first place?
  • Why are some supplements more expensive than others?
  • What is the importance of nutrition growing up?

We will be in touch

Best Wishes

Founder & CEO

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