Leap years only come about every 4 years just like the Olympics.

But why do we need them?

Just when we have got used to 28 days in February, along comes an extra day to upset our healthy lifestyle routine. And routine is so important as we explained in our article Routine is Key for a Healthy Lifestyle and the more recent Circadian Rhythms, Rest and Routine

Leap years are necessary to balance up the calendar we all use. The World actually takes 365 days and 6 hours (a quarter day) to rotate the Sun. So in order to make sure that our seasons or months don’t go skew-whiff, every four years we add a whole day to the calendar. At first glance it looks like a break in routine, But in fact a Leap Year is balancing out a bigger routine.

The World, the Universe (and our bodies that operate within it) are all about maintaining a routine. Making sure that you are consistent with you habits and your health.

Leap Years are also fun and quirky

In the 21st century we don’t really think it necessary. But for centuries it has been the tradition that on a Leap Year Day i.e 29th February, a woman could propose marriage to her sweetheart! Thankfully, that isn’t necessary anymore. However just give a thought to those people born on 29 February. Do they get to celebrate every 4 years or for a split second every year? Either way perhaps make it a big celebration!

The Proposal

Given it is a Leap Year and knowing that “Routine is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle” we figured out a Proposal (not marriage so don’t worry) that might make you Celebrate Big!

For every day until 29th February we will be giving you the chance to bring sense* into your routine. Try a subscription until 2021 where every payment every month will be at a 25% discount to every day prices. So not just this month but all the way through to January 2021.

This offer lasts until midnight on 29th February 2020. There is no code necessary because every product bought on subscription will be on 25% discount provided you sign up in February! Including mixed combo hampers (really? That’s a discount on a discount)!

Why is this such a good offer:

– you won’t have to look out for any more for those one-off promotions because you will have your 25% discount locked in for 12 months
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Should I make such a big commitment?:

– you will only have to do this once but you will be putting health into your routine every day
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sense* products give you high performance because it is smart nutrition. Our tongue-in-cheek article tells you in depth why sense* is not run-of-the-mill Why is Sense* sexy?
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At 25% off ALL year, it makes sense*