Take a look and book for Father’s Day!

Is your Dad going to want to do something healthy this weekend, maybe a healthy London restaurant? Or is it something you want to encourage your Dad to choose? To help out, sense* has chosen for you its top ten healthy London restaurants and cafes.

Fancy healthy London restaurants

1. Farmacy

their promise is to deliver the freshest, organic, chemical free cuisine. Prepared using techniques and ingredients that maximise optimal nutritional health.

Food to heal and nourish the body respecting both nature and provenance. Farmacy believes that food is medicine. And they are absolutely correct.

The price tag particularly for the Starters is on the high end but not ridiculously so. Their healthy take on standards such as pizza, burgers, calzone and pasta is fun and whilst not fully allergen free, Farmacy does very well on the vegan, gluten and nut free path.

2. Indigo at No 1 Aldwych, Holborn

For anyone wanting a special treat, this is a 5 star experience but with a price tag that befits such a great venue.

The Chef, Dominic Teague, was so determined to go dairy and gluten free that he didn’t even tell anyone he was doing it until 3 months after he opened. As a result his regulars could opine without being affected by the “stigma”.

They all agreed it was fab….and we would agree. Try the blackberry pavlova, for example, with lashings of coconut cream…fantastic.


3. The Good Life Eatery (3 locations)

With a Californian beach café vibe in upmarket locations, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing brunch or working lunch. Or perhaps a slice of sugar-free cake and cup of lemon tea if you are out shopping for something special.

If you’re watching your waistline, Good Life Eatery makes it less of a chore by offering classic options such as the Skinny Royal and Skinny Benedict, swapping indulgent ingredients for lighter ones. So if you are out shopping in Knightsbridge or Marylebone, take Dad along.

Mid-range health London restaurants

4. Mildred’s (3 locations)

Soho, Camden and Kings Cross – Mildred’s don’t profess to be the healthiest across the menu and they are not.  However for ages they have been the go to vegetarian restaurant in Soho. They do have fantastic healthy and allergy free options though, namely a great Asian stir fry and wholesome sweet potato and peanut curry.

You cannot go wrong with their beetroot burgers either if you can stomach a bit of gluten from time to time!

5. Wild Food Café, Covent Garden and Islington

This café/restaurant is fantastic and has gotten even better over the last 12 months. Deserts are fantastic with coffee and great to pop into for mid-morning or afternoon snack.

The Ayurvedic salad is a master-piece. Great organic wines too for a treat. Again for the enthusiasts try the menus on their web-site  they don’t give away all the secrets but just enough to have fun trying!  To do that you will need to buy their cook book which (apart from the odd ingredient misprint) is great.

Unfortunately, their relatively new Islington outlet has not got the same vibe.  Trying a little too hard to smarten up, really not necessary!

6. Nama, Notting Hill

Raw, vegan restaurant and cafe that is always full so book early. Portions are generous so don’t over order. Pinnacle of healthy eating out.

We really need to go back soon and don’t forget the take aways out of the fridge on the way out!

For the real enthusiasts, try out the raw food courses, raw chocolate, fermentation, cakes and general raw, vegan cooking…amazing.

7. Rasa, Stoke Newington

If its curry you are after and lots of it, we can honestly say there aren’t that many healthy options…surprise, surprise. This is the first choice. On Church Street in Stoke Newington, they produce top class Kerelean vegetarian cuisine using fantastic spices. But instead of dairy using  coconut milk so immediately it becomes the healthy option when you consider rice is gluten free too. Ask for other allergens and they will help you out.


Café style healthy London restaurants

8. The Black Cat, Hackney

The Black Cat is not the fanciest place in town but it is vegan and sometimes that is all that counts. Surprisingly, it is the only vegan café we know about in Hackney so it stands out. It can be found tucked away on route to Hackney Downs in Clarence Road.

Great scrambled tofu for brunch, soups are amazing and specials are always great and wholesome. Compared to some of our choices you wont break the bank either. No web-site as yet just Facebook.

9. Wholefoods Market (9 locations)

Whilst perhaps not everyone’s dinner choice, most outlets serve a superb selection of vegetarian, hot and cold dishes during the day. You can also tuck into a wide variety of healthier options for desert because there is so much to offer around you in the supermarket.

However, don’t be fooled because not everything they serve is a healthy option so some discretion and discipline is needed in equal measure. It just about passes the test for a healthy London restaurant. See their web-site for details of locations.

10. Planet Organic (7 locations)

This has similar vibe to Wholefoods Market but is British!  In fact, they have taken on WFM at their own game and are succeeding brilliantly.  One reason is that they are less minded to compromise on the healthy options so you can pretty much get what you came for.

Not everything would pass the strict sense* health check but has thumbs up more often than most. The raw salads available are amazing. See their web-site for details of locations.

11. Govinder’s, Soho Street

We have added one extra healthy London restaurant because we go there all the time. Like Wholefoods and Planet Organic it provides buffet counter service with 4 types of Thali offered:  the Veggie which is vegan (one plate); the Paneer which is veggie (one plate); the Unlimited (go back for more) and the Govinder’s (12 item extravaganza).

It is really popular so go early if you want peace and quiet (it closes at 9pm). But the food is always fresh and very tasty.

Service is with a smile and the food blessed by the Hare Krishna disciples.

Go the extra mile… gift in Style!

Healthy eating is a must if your Dad is going to achieve optimum energy or weight levels to keep up with you guys! You will need a healthy London restaurant if you are going out.

Even if food isn’t generating 100% of the nutrients your Dad might need, it’s the best starting place. If you want to go that extra mile sense* has a few ideas of its own on how your Dad can boost his nutrients to optimum levels, whatever he might be up to this weekend 😉