superfood smoothie for repairing gut

Frozen berry smoothie (breakfast)

This frozen berry smoothie recipe sustained our Founder’s brother, Neil Ebsworth through a worrying time when he got cancer. Not surprisingly, he sticks with it today.

Read about how he overcame cancer using diet including having smoothies in the centre of his survival strategy.

He has one of these berry smoothies in the morning and another different Green smoothie for lunch.  Don’t worry about feeling full up, you will be.

We also advocate eating a large handful of your favourite raw, unsalted and preferably organic nuts before, during or after your smoothie.

Why nuts?  Because you have to crunch through them and that way your brain knows to turn on the full digestion process. Releasing all the correct digestive enzymes so important to extract all the nutrients from your food.

Smoothies are great because they give your digestive system a bit of a breather. The ingredients are already broken down into small particles so you don’t have to work so hard.

Don’t be fooled though because you can pack them full of calories.  So if you want to keep the calories down see how you get on with half an avocado instead of a whole one. You can also reduce the coconut oil too.

But it is the good saturated fats that give you the energy without throwing in much in the way of carbohydrate.  Remember if you have any illness like cancer, you must get rid of as much sugar as possible and this includes reducing carbs particularly those with high glycaemic loads like root vegetables.

If you are not suffering from a chronic illness, the sugars in the fruits and beetroot come with a whole load of fibre too.  So the sugar release is slow.

But if you wanted to reduce this sugar intake further just replace the beetroot with courgette or cucumber.  Reduce the berries and banana to taste.

Ingredients (no prep time needed)

This doesn’t need any forward prep other than making sure you have frozen berries in the freezer. Just chop up the following in the blender:

A large banana

Whole small avocado (half if its a large one)

1 Beetroot

2 tbsp Natural Yogurt or Kefir (preferably organic and fermented)

3 tsp of organic virgin or extra virgin coconut oil

Then add 1 tsp each of the following superfood powders:

Lucuma or baobab

Maca or Ginseng or Ginger

Camu camu or AMLA

Hemp protein or ground hemp or mixed seeds

Acai berry


2 servings of Sense* for busy lives (if also wanting the targeted benefits that this gives you or you don’t have all the superfoods in the cupboard at one time).

100g approx of frozen red berries/strawberries/blueberries (although you can cut this in half if you are using sense* for busy lives because of the great taste).

Top up your frozen berry smoothie with 100-500ml organic organic pomegranate juice if you can get it.  It gives amazing immune system support.

You can also use coconut water if you prefer the taste (very good for you) or red grape juice (but much higher glycaemic load so use less).

Another tip for smoothies is to soak 100g of organic oats in 500mg of water for 20 minutes.  You then have oat milk you can use.  Throw the whole mixture in and whizz.