Feeling rubbish is the norm.  Why?

No-one has really come up with a clear cut reason why we are feeling rubbish a lot of the time or why we all get ill every winter.

Why niggling colds and flu cannot be shaken quickly. Why some people never take a sick day from work and others are always away.  All very relevant now in the time of COVID-19.

At sense* we have done a whole lot of research into this question and we believe it is due to the Nutrition Gap.

The Nutrition Gap

What’s this Nutrition Gap? It is gap between the nutrition we “take in” and what we actually need. The “take in” from our food and supplements and what we need to optimise the performance of our mind and body’s organs and tissues.

So we look and feel good all the time. So our immune system is working properly and we don’t constantly get sick. Or become vulnerable to new bugs or viruses.

If you have a zero Nutrition Gap, you will not get ill, or at least not very often. You will have great skin, hair and nails plus your smile will reveal healthy teeth and gums. Your digestion will work properly, no bloating or discomfort.

But this doesn’t happen if you have a Nutrition Gap that is more than 10% of the total nutrients needed to optimise you and your lifestyle.

Because all our organs and internal processes depend on the right level of nutrition to operate at their best. They all need fuel and nutrition is that fuel. Without the right level of fuel/nutrition, you go into deficit.

The 4 killer reasons for the Nutrition Gap:

1. Your food simply doesn’t give you all the nutrients you need

2. You need extra nutrients to process toxins you voluntarily take in

3. You need extra nutrients to process toxins from pesticides

…and the environment

4.  You stress your body in other ways e.g. working long hours or not enough sleep (or both)


When does the Nutrition Gap get bigger?

No surprises to hear that the Nutrition Gap is biggest when:

  • you eat processed food
  • you punish your body by introducing toxins.

Poor diet

Lots of processed food means your nutrient count is very low compared to eating fresh fruit and vegetables. So the Nutrition Gap obviously widens.


However even if you eat the best diet for nutrients that you can get your hands on.  If you fill your body with toxins the whole time, the nutrients in your body get depleted faster.  Why? Because they are being used up quicker processing those toxins.

Everything from the obvious, like drinking or smoking, to breathing in toxic air living in a big city.

Or the pesticides or detergents on food, to everyday lotions or creams. If you are not taking care of what goes into your body, the Nutrition Gap will get bigger.

So get with the program, get healthy and close the Nutrition Gap. By only putting into your body the best quality food and top this up with the best quality nutritional supplements.  Read more about the Nutrition Gap here.

For the full story on whether you should be taking food supplements, read this previous Article shown here.

Do vitamins and supplements work?

How big is this market?

Well there are quite a lot of people out there that must think that vitamins and supplements work because it’s a huge industry. In the UK it is estimated that up to £900 million is spent on vitamins and supplements each year.

Well currently it is estimated at US$40 billion worldwide and that is set to increase to US$90 billion within the next five years.

What other proof is there?

You need to look no further than the front of the sense* packs to see the results of several clinical trials. In order by law to put on the packet any “claims” about what each product can do, the claim needs to be approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

EFSA will have approved one or more clinical trials relating to the specific ingredients that sense* uses. So each claim that sense* makes is backed by clinical trials approved by EFSA. Those claims are then referenced to individual ingredients and the level of those ingredients.

However, not only does sense* use ingredients backed by EFSA approved claims and clinical trials, sense* uses herbal and botanical ingredients that are renowned for many years, if not generations, to have properties relevant to the target problem in question.

We also include minerals and amino acids, so basically all the micro-nutrient groups as well as the herbals/botanicals. We take a holistic view when designing formulations so not only do you get the best quality of ingredients but also the full range of the ingredients that the body needs for the relevant issue that the product targets.

Sense* lifestyle product range can be seen on our website and as seen in retailers such as Boots, Wholefoods Market and Revital.