By Neil Ebsworth, guest writer for sense* and brother of sense* Founder, Jonathan.   Neil, who is a cancer survivor, shares his story, some of the recipes that helped him avoid chemotherapy and radiation plus the science behind the food.  The views expressed in this article are those of the author not sense*.

It was Hippocrates some 2500 years ago that said ‘Food is medicine’ and “Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.”

It is ironic that the supposed father of western medicines advice has all but been forgotten by the health care systems we use today.

If anything, the importance of preventative health, good diet and exercise are at best downplayed and at worst forgotten.

Natural remedies, supplementation and the promotion or use of remedies that are unable to be patented by the pharmaceutical industry are debunked or even banned from general use.


I thought it would be only right to add a few references to the points made in my articles which for me has been a personal journey taken out of necessity and should not be taken as medical advice in any form whatsoever.

My journey with cancer is only mine and comments are that of personal opinion and every individual should evaluate their own life journey in accordance with advice from their own medical professionals.

The links provided here are for reference and should be evaluated alongside your own research.

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Inflammation and the Gut

The digestive tract or gut plays a pivotal role in your immune system and its ability to respond to external and internal threats to the body. It is not surprising then that our diet visa vie also plays a pivotal role.

Unhealthy diet equals unhealthy gut equals poor immune system and is the basic concept that underlied my approach to fighting my cancer.

Inflammation in the body is a sure sign that it is in distress and inflammation of the gut is prevalent amongst a high percentage of the population of developed countries and especially those who follow a ‘western diet’.

By that I mean, fried food, high carbohydrate, high sugar. High trans fat, high processed sugar or carbs, gluten, alcohol all cause inflammation.

Excess inflammation can cause conditions such as Crohns, Coeliac and IBS, (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome).

Mild symptoms such as bloating after eating can be a sign of inflammation or gluten intolerance that can hamper your immune system.

There is a blood test that can measure inflammation in the body called CRP, (C-Reactive Protein).

Gut inflammation can also lead to a condition known as leaky gut. This enables things to pass across the gut barrier into the bloodstream that shouldn’t. This is never a good thing!

Sugar, Gluten, Cancer et al

Below you will find a list of a few links to what I consider reputable sources that may interest you in relation to the thinking behind my own path of direction.

There are also several articles in our own blog that cover issues relating to zinc, Vitamin C etc that you might like to read including more recipe ideas.

I thought it a good idea to offer some opinions of others so you may evaluate the science from a wider perspective. I hope you find the content interesting and informative.


About the Ingredients


1. Almonds –

2. Walnuts –

3. Pecans –


1. Bananas –

2. Dates –

3. Cranberries –

4. Tomatoes –

Chickpeas –

Lentils –

Mushrooms –

I hope you enjoy these recipes.

1. Chocolate Brownie cake – Tame your sweet tooth with this recipe which contains NO flour and NO processed sugar. High in Omega 3 oils, antioxidants and vitamin C this brownie will satisfy the sweetest tooth whilst giving your body a well needed influx of fruit and nuts. – Click Here


2. Lasagna – A vegetarian version of the Italian classic. It looks, tastes and feels like the high carb meat and pasta dish but this version takes the carbs out of the pasta and replaces the meat with with high zinc alternatives including lentils and chick peas. – Click Here


3. A Spring stew of vegetables, chick peas, lentils and beans that will warm the coldest day and invigorate your digestive immune response. – Click Here



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