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  • Ingredient of the Week – Sunshine Vitamin D (or COVID-19 saviour)

    Sunshine Vitamin D and COVID-19 In the northern hemisphere, we are all at greater risk of having a deficiency of vitamin D.  Why?  Because we don’t get enough sunshine directly onto our skin which results in the generation of vitamin D.  This explains why deficiency…

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  • COVID-19: Bulletin No 1

    COVID-19: #allinthistogether This morning’s announcements have come as a bit of a shock to everyone.  Even if we expected them.  When the shutters come down then it seems a little surreal.  It was always going to be the case that additional, draconian measures would be…

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  • Product of the Month – sense* for gut health

    Capsules vs Powders for Gut Health Just to be clear, our Product of the Month is the 30 capsules version of sense* for gut health.  But we are going to extol the benefits in this article of the superfood supplement powder too.  You then have all…

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  • Ingredient of the Week – humble Vitamin C and COVID-19

    The Founder’s Father’s story about Vitamin C Our Founder has had a long history of exposure to vitamin C as a magic like substance.  One that if taken quickly enough and in large enough doses will hold off the common cold and even a flu…

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  • Ingredient(s) of the Week – Soluble fibre – Acacia Fibre and Pysllium Husk

    Soluble fibre for ingredient of the week? We thought it might be worth informing you of the important properties of certain ingredients that go into our expertly formulated products.  Why have they been included in relevant product?  What job do they do?  What are these,…

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