At sense* we have always considered family important after all much of the inspiration for sense* came from the Founder’s Mum.

So it is unsurprising that when the current crisis with Coronavirus hit,  Jonathan received an email from his brother Neil.

For the past year or so Neil had been fighting cancer. He explained about the similarities between the fight he had been in.  Effectively to improve his immune system by using dietary methods and what everyone should be doing now in the shadow of the virus.  So we asked Neil to share some recipes so that everyone could take advantage of what had helped him.

Here are three recipes to get you started and You can read his full story – Click Here.

1. Chocolate Brownie cake – Tame your sweet tooth with this recipe which contains NO flour and NO processed sugar. High in Omega 3 oils, antioxidants and vitamin C this brownie will satisfy the sweetest tooth whilst giving your body a well needed influx of fruit and nuts. – Click Here


2. Lasagna – A vegetarian version of the Italian classic. It looks, tastes and feels like the high carb meat and pasta dish but this version takes the carbs out of the pasta and replaces the meat with with high zinc alternatives including lentils and chick peas. – Click Here


3. A Spring stew of vegetables, chick peas, lentils and beans that will warm the coldest day and invigorate your digestive immune response. – Click Here



See our full range of recipe ideas – Click Here

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